Usage instructions Collamask

Use a cream-mask Collamask

Although the use of masks to rejuvenate the skin Collamask is easy and intuitive, it is recommended to read the instructions to this remedy, for only if 100% of correct adherence to all manufacturer's recommendations to achieve the desired effects.

How to use the cream Collamask for face care

For use of the drug, you must perform these simple steps:

  • for starters, you need to clean the skin from any cosmetics or contamination;
  • you need to apply the cream and spread evenly over entire face and neck, making light massage movements;
  • after applying you need to wait about 20 minutes, until cream is absorbed;
  • rinse the rest of warm water, carefully making sure that the content does not get into the eyes;
  • after the procedure is preferably applied on top of skin moisturizer that will strengthen the effect.

To achieve a good result, it is necessary to apply the drug Collamask 2 times a week for a month. Course duration and regularity of application of the cream depends on the woman's age and the degree of aging of the skin. To buy and use this tool can even people with problem skin, because the components do not cause allergic reactions, redness and irritation of the skin. The tool has no contraindications, except individual intolerance to any ingredient of the composition. The occurrence of side effects is completely eliminated.