Rejuvenation around the eye area. How to remove wrinkles around the eyes

rejuvenation around the eyes The epidermal layer in the periorbital region is very thin, about 0.5 mm, less than in any part of the face, almost four times. In addition, the skin around the eyes has almost no subcutaneous fat, sebaceous and sweat glands. Collagen fibers in this region form a rare mesh structure, which is rapidly destroyed and is slowly recovering. All this contributes to the early formation of wrinkles. It is believed that most people have the first shallow wrinkles in the periorbital region appear in 25-30 years. But it is very forgiving. Sometimes the first signs of aging may occur at an earlier age. The appearance of wrinkles is influenced by many factors, including:
  • genetic predisposition to early skin aging;
  • features of the anatomical structure of the face, particularly the deep-set eyes, imminens upper eyelids, sagging eyebrows;
  • dry skin;
  • the presence of autoimmune and/or endocrine diseases that affect the processes of cellular metabolism, which leads to slower production of elastin and collagen in the tissues;
  • unhealthy lifestyle, frequent stress, poor sleep and inadequate rest, chronic fatigue;
  • an unbalanced diet leads to the development of vitamin deficiency and the lack of important for skin minerals;
  • bad habits (Smoking, alcohol, drugs);
  • poor environment, in particular, life in big cities or industrial regions with highly polluted air, which the body fails to receive sufficient oxygen;
  • the presence of chronic diseases, especially pathologies of the liver;
  • lack of or improper skin care in the eye area, the use of poor quality or not designed to care for the paraorbital area of cosmetics;
  • excessive makeup, improper execution of make-up or the use of defective products;
  • excessive facial expressions;
  • adverse outside influence: significant changes in temperature, chapping, especially in cold or sea air, excessive sunlight or very dry air;
  • professional activities such as computer work or fine detail when the eye muscles are in constant tension;
  • nearsightedness because people with poor eyesight have to constantly stupra in oculis;
  • sleep at very high or low pillow, which leads to an uncomfortable position during rest, which interferes with the normal blood circulation in the skin.
But even if you follow all the rules of care of a skin round eyes and to lead a healthy lifestyle, sooner or later will begin to take age-related changes that result in reduced protein secretion of collagen and elastin, thinner layer of subcutaneous fat, decreased secretion of sebaceous glands, the skin becomes flabby, deflectens, wrinkles and furrows.

The types of wrinkles around the eyes

Usually, the first wrinkles in the “crow's feet” appear at the outer corners of the eyes in 25-30 years. Deep wrinkles are formed in 30-40 years. This process develops gradually and peaks at 55-60 years. According to the degree of severity are distinguished:
  •  superficial wrinkles, they appear very first and are formed in the area of the epidermis. Such wrinkles are crow's feet.
  • deep wrinkles are formed in the dermal layer and the subcutaneous fat. The skin loses its elasticity, becomes dry, flabby and begins to SAG.
Due to the occurrence there are three types of wrinkles:
  1. Mimic — develop as a result of strong tension of the facial muscles and excessive facial expressions;
  2. Age — occur as a result of age-related changes in the structures of the skin;
  3. Gravity — develop due to sagging skin from losing its elasticity and firmness.
Also, regardless of the causes and severity, all the wrinkles are divided into:
  • dynamic not seen in a relaxed state of the muscles of the face;
  • static — visually noticeable even in a resting state.

How to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes

The choice of treatment of wrinkles in the periorbital area directly depends on their type, condition of skin and muscular frame of the face, presence of comorbidities and individual characteristics of the organism of the patient. After a thorough diagnosis of the problem areas professional can suggest one or more therapies.

Contouring around the eyes

With contouring, you can make correction of the tear furrows and remove “crow's feet”. For these purposes, special fillers based on hyaluronic acid. The choice of a particular filler the specialist individually for each patient. The essence of contouring lies in the introduction under a wrinkle filler which fills the defect, smoothes the skin and thereby ensures elimination of aesthetic defects. Fillers are injected with injections with very fine needle or cannula. Anesthesia is used in rare cases. The entire procedure takes about an hour. Special training to conduct the CP is not required, just three days before she did not take alcohol, aspirin, and drugs based on it, not tanning and not tanning. Hyaluronic acid (ha), on which it is based fillers, is a natural component of the extracellular matrix of the person, including the skin. GK plays an important role in the process of tissue regeneration and the synthesis of the correct protein chains of collagen and elastin. It also attracts and holds large amount of water molecules. Injection fillers provide a rejuvenating effect due to the intensive moisturizing problem areas and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The benefits of contouring paraorbital zones:
  • the rejuvenating effect is visible immediately after the procedure;
  • quick, painless and safe method of correction is different according to the severity of wrinkles;
  • the virtual absence of complications;
  • a small number of contraindications;
  • very short rehabilitation period;
  • long-lasting results;
  • a simple preparatory period;
  • the method does not violate and does not change facial expressions;
  • fillers are natural to the structure of the skin basis.
The only disadvantage of contouring is that over time, after six months or a year after the correction, the filler is naturally biodegradable and will require repeated treatments. The rehabilitation period After contouring during the week not to visit the sauna, steam room and Solarium. You must also follow the specialist's recommendations for the use of cosmetics during the recovery period. Complications Contour has a minimal number of complications, which in most cases can be avoided with proper preparation to the procedure and qualifications of a physician. After a session may appear sinyachki, swelling, redness. The first weeks you may experience swelling of the corrected area due to the uneven recession of the swelling. Usually after 1-2 weeks all the side effects are themselves. Contraindications
  • skin diseases on the face;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • infectious diseases in an active phase;
  • herpes in the active phase;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding.


Botulinum toxin, or botulinum toxin, Botox is one of the worst natural toxins known to science. Synthesized by the anaerobic bacterium Clostridium botulinum (Clostridia perfringens), causing the fatal disease botulism. However, despite the high toxicity of Botox in the 70-ies of the last century, the ophthalmologist Alan Scott began to use this poison in micro-doses for the treatment of blepharospasm. In the future, botulinum toxin was applied in the treatment of other spastic syndromes and diseases that lead to spasm of striated muscles, muscles of the sphincter, as well as for the treatment of overactive exocrine glands. Therapeutic effect is achieved as a result of blocking neurotoxin nerve impulses, which leads to relaxation of muscle fibers. At the same effect is the use of botulinum toxin in cosmetology. For eliminating wrinkles in the periorbital area with botulinum toxin injected into the circular muscle of the eye and/or nasal muscles. This leads to the development of minor muscle paralysis, resulting in wrinkles and folds are smoothed and levelled. The duration of action of Botox for 6 months, after which repeat the procedure. With repeated administration of botulinum toxin its action is extended to 8 months. Preparation for the procedure is the same as for contouring (the title of the article link) To operate the botulinum toxin starts gradually a few days after its introduction. The full effect of the treatment is achieved in 1-2 weeks and lasts up to six months. Recommendations
  • more to frown and crinkle to the drug were distributed as uniformly as possible;
  • two weeks after the procedure you cannot access the sauna, steam room, swimming pool, Solarium and it is not recommended to sunbathe;
  • should be discontinued two weeks from exercise and massage;
  • 3-4 hours after the procedure, you can not take a horizontal position and tilt;
  • you should not touch the area of injections;
  • it is not recommended to use decorative cosmetics during the day after the procedure;
  • reduce fluid intake, salty and spicy food during the week after the procedure;
  • you need to remember that some antibiotics and vitamins To promote rapid excretion of the botulinum toxin from the body;
  • chemical peeling can be carried out not earlier than two weeks after the procedure.
  • the presence of skin infections and other skin diseases in the active phase;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • infectious diseases, influenza, SARS, etc.;
  • antibiotics and blood thinners;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • severe myopia;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • low blood clotting;
  • individual intolerance.
Side effects Botox injections in the periorbital region is a complex procedure, requiring the specialist skills and knowledge. Breaches of the procedure, a wrong drug or dosage can lead to the development of dangerous complications. It is therefore important to carefully approach the selection of clinics and specialists. Minor swelling, redness of the injection place, tolerant of pain, slight itching and slight bruising at the injection site is a normal reaction to Botox. In rare cases may have a fever, magis crebris heartbeat, be nausea, and headache. All these effects disappear after a short time. Botox injections are recommended Mature patients with very deep wrinkles and folds. Be aware that if you carry out the procedure more than twice a year, in the body begins to produce antibodies to botulinum toxin, and a therapeutic effect is reduced. Also in extremely rare cases, some people the body which are not sensitive to neurotoxin.


Method of solution of aesthetic problems by introducing the middle layer of skin (mesoderm) of various drugs were developed and applied in practice in 1958, Dr. Michel pistor. It was he who gave this method the name of mesotherapy, and set its main direction: “little, rarely and in the right place.” Unlike gels for biorevitalisation composed of pure hyaluronic acid, mezokokteyl for injection, except for GK, contain other active ingredients. This gives you the opportunity to find the right drug for each patient, depending on the needs of her skin. intradermal introduction to the periorbital area of special preparations (mezokokteyl) allows to solve the following tasks:
  • to smooth out wrinkles;
  • reduce puffiness and eliminate dark circles under the eyes;
  • to moisturize the skin and improve its color;
  • return ramus cutaneus festival of Praesidio firmness and elasticity.

The benefits and drawbacks of mesotherapy

Obvious advantages of eliminating the aesthetic problems in the periorbital area, by intradermal injection are the following factors:
  • the presence of specially designed for the skin around the eyes mezokokteyl;
  • the opportunity to solve several tasks (for example to reduce puffiness and increase elasticity of the skin);
  • additional anti-aging effect due to the technology implementation — activates the skin regeneration is partly related to the violation of its integrity during injection;
  • short-lived, do not require special events.....
The disadvantages of mesotherapy can be attributed to the duration due to the necessity of several procedures.

How is mesotherapy skin around the eyes

In the beginning of the session of mesotherapy conduct a thorough cleaning and ANTISEPTICA REMEDIA treatment zone correction. According to individual indications (low pain threshold of the patient) can be applied local anesthesia. The technician then performs the required number of intradermal injections mezokokteylya. Then the skin around the eyes, once treated with antiseptics.