Rejuvenating peeling

No matter how good and full a skin care, sooner or later begin to show signs of aging of the epidermis. Rejuvenating peels are able to prolong the youthfulness of the face, to remove the already formed fine lines and age spots, improve the tone of the tissues.

Such cleaning of the surface type will be a great preventive measure. According to experts, to think about the regular holding of rejuvenating treatments it after 25 years. At this age start to slow down the natural formation of collagen and elastin.

Purpose, principle of operation and results rejuvenating peels


Most salon and home beauty treatments has a number of effects, but there are specialist anti-aging manipulation, which pursue certain goals:

  • Improving the elasticity of the epidermis, leading to stretching of the tissues, filling of the formed skin folds and eliminate wrinkles.
  • Normalization of tissue elasticity, removing unsightly stretch marks.
  • The elimination of age pigment spots.
  • The restoration of the tone of the tissues, improving definition of facial contours.
  • Return the epidermis fresh, natural beauty, normal and uniform colors.

Each anti-aging peel has a certain type of action. Some manipulation ensure penetration into the body tissues of specific components that stimulate the natural production of cellular building material. Other treatments cause the destruction of the old cell colonies, which causes the formation of new tissues. Sometimes to get a pronounced anti-aging effect, it is sufficient to normalize the water balance in the tissues in which the shape recovery of the cells and the tension of the skin.

Most of the manipulations aimed at maintaining the youthfulness of the epidermis involve one-time procedures. If you need to obtain a rejuvenating effect, you have to take the full course recommended by the specialist.

The type of impact, even if it does not provide a radical intervention on the basis of laser or phenolic acids, must be confirmed by the beautician. This will allow to identify the main problems and to choose the optimum list of procedures, their frequency and methods of maintenance therapy.

Mechanical cleaning, as a kind of rejuvenating treatments

Salon anti-aging peeling on the basis of mechanical effects is not returned miraculously to its former appeal, but this tissue is an integral part of the therapy for the following reasons:

  1. Mechanical cleaning removes much of the dead skin cells, sebum and dirt, which increases tissue permeability and allows drugs and active components of the compositions to penetrate the tissue as deeply as possible.
  2. As a result of grinding of tissues is improved circulation, which ensures even distribution of the compounds used in the chemical, hardware or biologically active peeling.
  3. Mechanical brushing significantly increase the tone of tissue, without which the rejuvenating effect would not be complete.

In addition to subsidiary properties, mechanical exfoliation is able independently to cause improvement in aged skin. Soft surface grinding gradually eliminates pigment spots that appear with age. The alignment of the stratum corneum, stimulates smoothing of wrinkles, elimination of cracks, signs of peeling. Getting rid of dead cells on the surface of the face, the tissue starts to obtain the oxygen necessary for the normal flow of biological processes.

Without regular use of mechanical methods of cleansing the epidermis the effectiveness of anti-aging creams and serums is markedly reduced. Elimination of seals and infiltrates leads to a uniform distribution in the tissues building material, the formation of the optimal amount of sebum, a normal supply of tissue with moisture and nutrients.

Mechanical rejuvenating exfoliation stimulates lymph flow, which removes toxins and free radicals. This is especially true in the fight against aging, because the lack of antioxidants and pathological effects on cells of waste products of the body leads to poisoning of the tissues and the acceleration of their decay.

Rejuvenating peeling hardware type

how to rejuvenate skin

Modern hardware manipulation are very popular and are often used in the process of combating the signs of skin aging.

  • Laser cleaning. The most popular and highly sought after rejuvenating peeling hardware type. At the expense of local and the most accurate effects on tissues the evaporation takes place of whole cell colonies without heating or damage to adjacent parcel. It stimulates regenerative processes in the skin, and leads to the formation of new young tissues. This way you can get rid of quite pronounced and deep wrinkles, abnormal hyperpigmentation, stretch marks. Anti-aging therapy based on laser therapy refers to a radical of the type and often equates to plastic surgery. The positive effect of the manipulation is obvious, but given an impressive list of contraindications to the session, possible complications and side effects, this procedure is recommended to use only in extreme cases.
  • Ultrasonic peeling as an anti-aging treatment has several impacts. Occurs peculiar tissue massage, which leads to the stimulation of biological processes and activates the production of collagen. As a result of mechanical cleaning increases the permeability of the epidermis. This leads to the fact that the contact medium, enriched with anti-aging, moisturizing and nourishing components, spreads evenly and penetrates deep into the thickness of the tissue. When using pulse technique can obtain high-quality facelift.
  • Gas cleaning that acts as an anti-aging peel aimed at removing dead skin flakes from the surface of the face with a simultaneous supply of medicines and specialized serums. In addition, aktiviziruyutsya regenerative processes, leading to accelerated tissue regeneration. No side effects and discomfort, a short recovery period, the apparent effectiveness of the procedure is the factors due to which manipulation is becoming increasingly popular.
  • Exfoliation with liquid nitrogen. These sessions are similar to the treatment of the epidermis with a laser. The result is a short-term acute exposure on a particular portion of a stream of liquid nitrogen, is applied to a kind of temperature "burn" that stimulates regenerative processes. Sessions are less aggressive than laser therapy, but show good results. Rejuvenating peeling on the basis of liquid nitrogen can get rid of age spots of different depths and shallow wrinkles.
  • Vacuum and radio-wave peels are the most mild versions of the impact on the fabric, which can be done not only in hospitals but at home. The stunning rejuvenating effect they give, but significantly increase the tone of tissue, establish in them for internal processes, and normalize the vasculature and improve lymph drainage.

Rejuvenating peeling on the basis of chemical drugs

Absolutely all chemical peels carried out in beauty salons, has a rejuvenating effect varying degrees. Sessions a lot and understand them will help experienced specialist. When selecting the optimal treatment option takes into account several factors:

  • the age of the patient;
  • the severity of aesthetic problems;
  • the presence of concomitant conditions requiring the intervention of a cosmetologist;
  • the desired result;
  • the presence of contraindications;
  • seasonal characteristics of the procedures.

Rejuvenating chemical peels can have a superficial, middle or deep impact. This affects the outcome and duration of rehabilitation period. While surface cleaning is considered the ideal method of preventing the appearance and aggravation of the signs of aging, the median manipulation can resolve expressed existing problems or to significantly mitigate the degree of their manifestation. Well, properly carried out phenol peeling allows you to "look younger" for 10-15 years.

Unconditional leaders among chemical cleansing rejuvenating effect manipulations are based on the use of acids. Treatments of varying intensity lead to the formation of acidic burn, deleting old cells (and sometimes whole layers of the skin), together with the signs of ageing. The epidermis, which begins to form during the recovery period, has a fresh look, without obvious wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and age spots.

It is important to remember that any anti-aging chemical peeling is a risk of complications and side effects. The choice of the salon or clinic should be approached with great responsibility. All manipulations are carried out strictly on the evidence! The abuse of even the mildest treatments can lead to the formation of a permanent pathological conditions.

Conducting rejuvenating peels at home

rejuvenating peeling

Many women prefer home methods of rejuvenation. And it is not an indicator of financial insolvency, it is a measure of the correct and conscious approach to skin care face. No one argues that from salon procedures must be abandoned, they just need to be timely.

At home, you can spend a rejuvenating face treatment of the following type:

  1. Mechanical cleaning on the basis of the homemade scrub. For the preparation of compositions used natural products that simultaneously soften the Horny layer, peel off dead cells, massaging the tissue and saturate the epidermis a number of useful components.
  2. Film masks-peels not only cleanse the skin but also pull her, gradually smoothing out wrinkles, improving the tone of the tissues.
  3. Natural peeling based on fruit acids, medicines and other components. Manipulation with the use of such compositions differ in one important property – their effect is cumulative, improving the condition of the epidermis with each session. Regular use of natural products allows you to slow the aging process without resorting to radical procedures.
  4. Vacuum massage can be performed not only special apparatus, but ordinary medical banks of a certain size. It will noticeably improve the condition of the skin, to establish the vascular and lymph flow, tone up the epidermis.
  5. Paraffin. This is also a special rejuvenating peeling, which removes dead cells from the surface of the face, while providing strong lifting effect. The skin after manipulation is smoothed, leveled, cleaned.
  6. Gommage and Skadi. These products are prepared according to the type of peels, and their use is like using a very mild scrub. The main purpose of such sessions is not the rejuvenation of the epidermis and maintenance of tissue in excellent condition, slow the aging process.

If you choose an individual set of domestic procedures to the deadline and sometimes to resort to a professional salon cleansing, it is possible for many years to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin.