The most effective methods of facial rejuvenation

How to rejuvenate a skin, how to return it to its former beauty, elasticity, glow, finally, to get rid of spider veins wrinkles — such issues every woman is asked, which barely exceeded 30. And if at 30-35, in some cases, enough to sleep well or make a special mask, then 40-45 is a need for more effective methods, and one of the masks is not enough (they are recommended rather as an adjunct than the main).

skin rejuvenation

So today we will cover the most popular and effective methods of facial rejuvenation, depending on individual characteristics, skin type, age, problems that need to be addressed and other aspects. Roughly we can divide the methods of rejuvenation at home techniques and salon treatment performed by professional beauticians.

Cosmetic procedures for skin rejuvenation

With regard to salon procedures for rejuvenation of the skin, is different in the nature of the impact and results of the methods that bring to significant improvement of the skin. They can be based on the following methods:

  • laser, thermal or radiofrequency or ELOS effect on the skin. We are talking about rf-lifting (radio frequency), ELOS-rejuvenation or laser skin. In all these cases, the beam affects the skin, penetrating into the deeper layers of the dermis. Under the action of a beam stimulates collagen or elastin, the complexion improves, small wrinkles disappear. The advantages of these methods of rejuvenation is relative painless and excellent results rejuvenation. After the treatment the skin creates a kind of collagen frame, which straightens the skin and prevents the reappearance of wrinkles (the efficiency of these methods is maintained from one to two years, after which they can be repeated).
  • Chemical peeling of the skin. We are talking about the superficial, middle and deep chemical peeling. Certain types of peels can be done at home (possible,but not recommended, and they are relatively expensive). The essence of peeling is reduced to a total cleansing of the upper (the stratum corneum), which in turn also intensificare active production of collagen and elastin, as well as membrane exchange cells. To achieve certain effects of rejuvenation will need several procedures superficial peels (done every 2-4 weeks), a median peeling (every six months) or deep (once a year more often). And if the surface or median peeling — in fact relatively safe, the deep performed on an outpatient basis, and may result in several undesirable consequences. Therefore, beauticians often suggest other, less traumatic anti-aging treatments.
  • Fractional laser perforation. We are talking about mechanical effects on the skin, by partial removal of the upper stratum corneum. Fractional rejuvenation is performed with a laser, which from session to session the removal of the upper particles of the skin, which becomes smooth and refreshed with fewer wrinkles. Laser perforation is carried out according to a similar principle, however, in this case the skin damage is minimal.
  • Injections of hyaluronic acid. We are talking about mesotherapy and biorevitalisation — these treatments are preparations containing hyaluronic acid in varying concentration. Cocktails of mesotherapy is recommended in patients 30 years of age, and in addition to hyaluronic acid include vitamins, macro - and micro elements necessary for the skin. Biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid is recommended for patients 45 years and contains concentrated hyaluronic acid, which also introduces papulnaya or with a laser.
  • Gel fillers. With regard to the use of fillers is a gel of different density and degree of resorption. The most popular are fillers based on hyaluronic acid. The density of gel and concentration of hyaluronic acid allows to solve a particular problem (starting with the correction of small wrinkles, helping to shape the face oval, cheeks, nasolabial correction clutches, etc.). In addition, the fillers can be based on your own fat (lipofilling). In this case, the fillers use fat taken from the patient (this technique is very effective and has virtually no contraindications). Much less used are not absorbable fillers — they can migrate from one part to another person, and their removal is possible only by surgical methods.
  • Botox or Dysport. Injections is quite popular procedure, which involves the insertion under the skin of the poison botulinum toxin. The poison immobilizes the muscles and thereby smooths wrinkles, however, and the effect of it is immediate.
  • PRP, ozone therapy. These and other techniques, in the same injection. Ozone therapy involves the introduction into the skin of oxygen-ozone mixture, which restores cellular metabolism, stimulates lymphatic flow, improves tissues with oxygen, activates synthesis of collagen and elastin. As for the PRP, then the code you enter its own treated and enriched plasma, which is injected under the skin. Plasma also stimulates intracellular processes, saturates the tissues with vitamins and nutrients. A qualitative advantage of PRP is that the procedure used third party components and my own.
  • The reinforcement threads. Rejuvenation is not absorbable or absorbable thread, the second desirable, because it minimizes the unwanted effects and risks. The most popular thread for face lift — Aptos, a great degree of resorption (may not be completely biodegradable or resorbable), the form of notches (e.g., in the form of pointed grooves, cones or spirals) and other indicators. Absorbable created based on lactic acid, which is very similar in composition to the skin tissues. As for masonite, it is the invention of Korean scientists. They are ultra-thin, based on the same hyaluronic and lactic acids — are injected under the skin, tighten it, make a strong collagen frame. The effect of the ordinary reinforcement is maintained until 5 years, masonite of about two. Threads for tightening recommended for women over 40, with relatively well-groomed skin (threads not rejuvenate and tighten the skin).
  • "Pill of youth". We are talking about anti-aging drugs, used inside, for example, vitamin complexes or hyaluronic acid tablets. They improve overall health, stimulate intracellular processes that lead to a complete rejuvenation of the body, including the skin. Popular hyaluronic acid — it has a beneficial effect on the joints and restores the natural beauty of the skin (the results are visible only on the second or third month of use).

Home methods of rejuvenation

how to rejuvenate skin

Home treatments are good in the prevention of first wrinkles or as a Supplement to the salon rejuvenation techniques. So this:

  • Masks from natural ingredients or their combinations: protein, egg yolk, honey, yeast, rolled oats, low-fat cottage cheese, gelatin, grated raw potatoes in combination, depending on the task they may have a moisturizing or nourishing effect.
  • Mask of cosmetics, which are sold in pharmacies or specialized stores. In this case we are talking about cosmetic clay (black, white, red, yellow, green), paraffin (can be done from the usual bee or cosmetic), mask based on marine algae, which have excellent anti-aging effect.
  • Special tools used in beauty salons and at home. First of all it concerns superficial peels. The mixture for carrying out a superficial chemical peel are sold in cosmetic stores, and subject to all necessary phases (from preparation of the skin to peel to neutralize the acid) can with success be applied at home.

Them optimally to practice after 25 years, when the process of renewal and regeneration of the skin slows down. After 30-35 years means they are still necessary, but at a later age they can practice as an auxiliary, but not the only ways to rejuvenate the skin.