Men's specific facial rejuvenation

We have long been accustomed to the fact that plastic surgery procedures have become commonplace in our lives. Men's plastic face is not as common as the female, but is the place to be on a par with her. To look fit, young and beautiful is the key to success in professional sphere and in personal life. We do not wonder that men go to the gym, do different kinds of sports, some of them even addicted to healthy eating. So — the plastic surgery facial rejuvenation the same!

rejuvenation of facial skin in men

People develop throughout life: learning, work, have children, to improve their career. But a terrible global injustice lies in the fact that at the peak of power and self-realization of man is overtaken by irreversible age-related changes. Why only use the fairer sex to stay young! For men the changes are no less painful. A desire to slow down the aging process is present in both sexes, a significant difference is that women in this sense is more decisive. Still, time dictates the rules: the scope is gradually falling, the availability of procedures grows, men become courageous. Already 20% of them resort to plastic surgery! A huge push for this was the emergence of methods of rejuvenation, do not leave scars and does not distort facial features.

The differences of male and female plastic

Although the approaches of rejuvenation for men and women no significant differences, but in the plastic faces of men has its own characteristics. It depends on several factors. First, the aging process men starts later. This is because their skin is more dense and contains more collagen. Secondly, at the age of 40 years old men look younger than women of the same age. Moreover, from that moment, the strong half starts not the fading of beauty, and the flourishing of attraction!

Principal operations on rejuvenation men

You can highlight the main complex effective anti-aging treatments for men. It includes operations on the plastic eyelids (blepharoplasty), liposuction of the face (removal of excess fat in the neck, chin, cheeks), as well as thread lifting. A feature of these procedures is their safety, no obvious scars and shorter rehabilitation period, which is important for busy men who do not want to advertise the fact of the transaction.


Most often the beginning of the aging male produces drooping of the tissues of the upper eyelids and eyebrows. Therefore, the technique of blepharoplasty in demand, but in some cases can give an unnatural face (with brow lift). Men need to think twice before deciding on this operation. In this regard, I recommend to do blepharoplasty in our clinic, where the procedure is performed with the most natural result. After surgery it is impossible to determine the fact of its Commission. Then we will help to solve the problem of "bags under eyes". I gently move them in a "nasal" fold that occurs when you age aging cheeks. This operation is carried out particularly carefully to avoid recession in the lower eyelids.

Liposuction of the face

Another unpleasant age effects are the change of facial contours and excess skin on the neck. In my clinic with these problems are fighting, using the method of liposuction of the chin and cheeks. Indications of the operation depend on the characteristics of the person of each individual man. Analyzing the performed operation, it can be noted that most age-related changes are observed in the region of neck, chin and lower face. It's all in the accumulation of excess fat and drooping tissues in these areas. Our specialists have developed special offers for facelifts are men. During the operation cuts do not exceed 1 mm, and the consequences in the form of swelling and bruising is minimized.

Lifting Silhouette Lift


The technique of Silhouette Lift (Silhouette lift) allows you to look young without risks such as those that arise out of major surgery and without the pain and lengthy recovery. Surely this method of rejuvenation will be of interest to men, as the procedure will take less than an hour of their time, is performed under local anesthesia, and rehabilitation will amount to a maximum of three days. Surgery is indicated for men with developments in the area of the cheekbones and the cheeks, the area around the eyes, lower face and neck. Thread is passed through the almost invisible incision in the scalp and using a special needle and hold them under the skin in areas previously scheduled surgeon. Tissue of the face moves up to the position of a typical young person, the threads are fixed in the subcutaneous layer of the temporal region. The results of the tightening method, the Silhouette lift is maintained up to 4 years depending on individual characteristics and lifestyle, which leads the patient. The effectiveness of the outcome may last more time.

Daily stress, fatigue, inconsistent sleep and nutrition, high level of responsibility for the welfare of their loved ones, pollution of the natural environment, the impact of sunlight and other factors lead to the emergence of the first signs of aging in men. Special anti-aging products, diet, physical activities help to slow the aging process is only temporary. Women are increasingly in such cases, resort to plastic surgeons, but gradually and the male half is attached to the process. And rightly so. Because beauty, youth and confidence is the key to a successful life.