Herbs for face skin – effective homemade mask

The desire to preserve the beauty of the face was common to women of ancient times, of course, that popular cosmetics to use, they could not, but that looked worse. And helped them to look attractive and young the gifts of nature. Mask of herbs for the face – that was widely used hundreds of thousands of years. The beneficial properties of herbs in use today – the plant extracts are used in many cosmetic products for the face, but they were so negligible that it's practically not perceived by the skin.

herbs for facial rejuvenation

If you want to make the skin of your face clean, to achieve the effect of rejuvenation, get rid of acne and wrinkles, you need to learn how to use herbs for the face, composed of self-made masks, compresses, lotions. What herbs are good for your face depends on its type and age, and most importantly – from those defects from which you want to get rid of.

The types of herbs used in homemade cosmetics

Herbs in cosmetics will have a positive impact on face with any problems if you apply them, focusing on the composition and mechanism of action. The first thing to do is to choose a plant characterized by a complete environmental friendliness and safety. To collect herbs by yourself, but always in a certain period and away from industrial cities and roads. Easier to buy herbs to person in pharmacies and it is best to buy raw material in filter bags, and dried completely. Properly harvested herbs interrupt the process of aging, relieve the wrinkles, young people — from acne, useful plants for both problematic and normal skin.

  • Owners of dry skin useful are plants such as yarrow, dill, lemon balm, parsley, chamomile, Linden flowers, dandelion, hops flowers roses. All of these herbs for the face, you can enter in the mask, to prepare decoctions for washing and lotions. For dry skin with emerging mesh of wrinkles useful and cosmetic ice made from the infusion plants.
  • For the recovery of the oily skin use the oak bark, St. John's wort, mother and stepmother, sage, series, wormwood. Decoctions of these herbs to help dry up inflammation, relieve acne and Shine, that is, from all the problems of oily skin.
  • Girls and women with problem skin will appreciate the unique properties of the raspberry leaf and peppermint, horsetail, celandine, chamomile, aloe, calendula.

Herbs in the home of cosmetology can really work wonders to slow the aging process. Regular use, choosing the right recipe – and you will be able to achieve permanent youthful face, to get rid of cosmetic defects and protect the skin from adverse environmental factors.

Rules for the use of herbal homemade masks

To avoid premature aging, reduce wrinkles, resolve defects, problematic and oily skin and achieve a youthful face it is possible with the help of normal herbs. It is important to know the features of their home use and to choose appropriate recipes. What rules must be observed to face masks were useful and effective?

  • Most herbs contain enough active ingredients and therefore a wrong selection or preparation of a recipe can cause irritation. To avoid this, it is enough to pre-test the mask or broth on the wrist.
  • Diseases of the circulatory system, neoplasms, fresh scars on his face are contraindications to the use of plants. Cosmetic treatments for rejuvenation and the treatment of the face and the recent plastic surgery are also temporary contraindications to the use of herbs.
  • Infusions and herbal facial masks, it is desirable to use immediately. The maximum they will be useful for youth and beauty of the skin up to three days if stored in the refrigerator.
  • Mask of herbs used every three or four days, one course consists of 10-15 procedures. Then you need to take a break, and the next treatment or removing wrinkles, pimples and other defects need to other herbs.
  • Masks of useful herbs give their biologically active trace elements to the skin cells for half an hour, so to overdo herbal mask for longer time does not make sense.

Herbal facial masks will definitely help improve the condition of dry and oily skin, they can be used to achieve visible rejuvenation, reduce age-related processes of aging.

Useful and easy recipes

Types of grass in the mask you need to enter depending on the effect you want to achieve after using them. What plants to choose depends on your skin type.

    • With the dandelion greens. Three tablespoons of crushed leaves of a dandelion to mix with a small amount of water and a spoon of liquid honey. The mask is useful for dry skin, its use has been demonstrated during aging of the skin, chamomile effectively tones the face and reduces pimples.
    • With wormwood. From spoon herb wormwood, you need to prepare a decoction. After straining two tablespoons of broth mixed with an equal volume of dairy oatmeal and one spoon of the pulp of the lemon. The recipe will help to remove the Shine from oily skin, relieves acne, moisturizes and gives the skin minerals.
    • With aloe juice. Spoon of aloe juice should be mixed with two tablespoons of oatmeal flakes. The prepared structure helps to achieve optimal rejuvenation, eliminates mimic wrinkles, nourishes and enhances the work of collagen fibers. This recipe is especially relevant for dry skin.
    • With chamomile. Two spoons of chamomile flowers to mix with an equal quantity of fresh milk and one chicken egg. All ingredients are blended in the blender, cooked mask is ideal for girls with dry skin, it is also useful when the signs of aging and has anti-inflammatory properties.
    • With yarrow. The spoon herb yarrow and sorrel need to grind and mix with a spoon of cereal and one egg yolk. The mask has properties of rejuvenation, eliminates areas of irritation, wrinkles, acne and nourishes the cells of dry skin.
    • With the herb St. John's wort. For oily skin you can prepare a mask of nettles and sorrel, mixed in equal amounts. The obtained green mass entered the cream and spoon juice of lemon. The mask reduces Shine on the face, have a whitening effect, as a result, slow down the aging process of cells and fade the marks from acne.
    • With mint. An equal amount of mint leaves and dandelion need to grind and mix with one beaten egg. At the end of cooking to the mix introduces a small amount of honey. The mixed composition is well-tones the skin, reduces visible wrinkles, soothes irritations.
    • With plantain. Equal amount of crushed leaves of plantain and flour to mix to a slurry. The mask has anti-inflammatory properties and is especially useful for oily skin. In addition, this mixture is often used for rejuvenation.
    useful herbs for the face

    You need to consider that all herbal masks have some therapeutic effect, so their use must be approached carefully. However, in many cases it is the mask of herbs that triggers the processes of rejuvenation and healing of the skin are much healthier cosmetic products purchased.