Laser skin resurfacing around the eyes

We're talking about the skin around the eyes. This skin area is extremely delicate and needs special care. However, even with proper and regular care with age, the skin around the eyes inevitably and inexorably aging.

laser skin resurfacing around the eyes

Developed hundreds of creams, gels, serums and other means to care for this often problematic area of the skin. Some women try to do special masks and packs, to optimally adhere to a strict diet, but the optimal solution can dramatically and help to ensure a stable result is only radical surgical measures. However, at the present level of achievements in the market of cosmetic and aesthetic technology measures become more soft and provide, thus, the qualitative long-term results.

Indeed, to combat age-related manifestations that occur on the face. Especially in the eye area, is not easy. However, at present developed and successfully used a number of means of correction, including laser, plastic wrinkles. Let's talk about it. The treatment is completely painless, which is not able to scare off women. Besides, its implementation is not linked to a long special training or lengthy recovery period that is also, of course, is the convenience, because not many people can afford a vacation for aesthetic reasons.

The effect of laser resurfacing.

Laser beams can deeply and easily penetrate into the layers of skin without damaging surrounding tissue. Redness of the skin, for which was used a laser, passes for one day. It should be noted that the possibility of contamination or infection in the works for laser rejuvenation is completely absent. Noticeable effect in the form of a radiant look attractive and toned skin around the eyes appears a few days after the procedure. The skin becomes supple, toned and elastic.

The possible effect of the decrease of pigmentation. As for the wrinkles, small wrinkles are smoothed out completely, not leaving a trace, and the deeper level off and become less noticeable. In addition to the main contour effect, laser rejuvenation relieves the skin from irritation and peeling. It is a complex effect and long lasting effect are the main advantages of laser resurfacing of the face. A similar method is conducted for the age correction other sensitive skin areas, for example, neck skin and decollete.

As already noted, the recovery period after the procedure of laser resurfacing is continuous and usually takes up to one week. The recovery period depends on the technique used the laser treatment. At the beginning of the recovery period the person may experience a slight swelling, which are subsequently replaced by a slight redness. Just about five days after the procedure of laser resurfacing will begin the process of exfoliation of dead skin cells, which ends in a few days. In most cases, noticeable positive results on skin rejuvenation around the eyes is noticeable after one week. Cosmetologist who carried out the operation, be sure to make recommendations that will optimize recovery based on the individual characteristics of the patient. On the street, especially in clear weather, it is recommended to use sunscreen with a high protection factor from ultraviolet rays.

Contraindications of laser resurfacing the skin around the eyes.

The procedure of laser resurfacing cannot be carried out in the presence of tumors in the treatment area, both benign and malignant, because the doctor will not be able to predict and secure their development as a result of exposure by the laser. Cancer and the accompanying treatment in the form of chemotherapy is also a contraindication for laser skin rejuvenation. A number of infectious and chronic diseases are also an obstacle to this, for example, herpes, diabetes or blood clotting. Fresh tan, understandably, can also be a cause of failure for the laser plastics, because it can become too much burden on the skin. A reasonable limitation is the inclusion in the list of contraindications for use of laser pregnancy and lactation of the patient, since it is impossible to determine the nature of laser effects on condition pregnant or lactating women. Completing the list of contraindications, it should be noted that the number of skin diseases and disorders can't be exposed to the laser, for example, keloid scars, and dermatitis in the intended procedure. As we can see some status of the potential client's aesthetic salon completely exclude the possibility of application for laser plastic, others just lay laser rejuvenation for a certain period.

the procedure of rejuvenation

The risk of surgery.

Clinical trials confirm the safety of the procedure laser resurfacing of the skin around the eyes. The optimal result can be achieved in combination with other methods of rejuvenation, and also subject to rational nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Laser resurfacing can be done in parallel with procedures for the introduction of Botox or other fillers (additives).

Price of rejuvenating the skin around the eyes.

Speaking about the cost of laser resurfacing around the eyes, just want to note that this method is much cheaper than surgery for rejuvenation, are conducted from stay in hospital and under full anesthesia. However, high-quality services at the market of aesthetic surgery can not be cheap. The cost of the laser resurfacing is laid remuneration of highly qualified specialists and the cost of modern quality materials and products, so the total amount seems high, but, in principle, available. Positive customer feedback and opinion polls show that the majority of people agrees with the proposed market value of services for the aesthetic correction and laser rejuvenation, in particular.