Facelift without surgery: salon and home treatments

In the struggle for youth and beauty, all means are good. But for this to go under the surgeon's knife solved a few. And correctly. Because of the radical methods of rejuvenation is needed only in extreme cases are associated with many health risks and give the result not always expected. In addition, modern aesthetic cosmetology offers a range of innovative technologies, means, ways to achieve visual facial rejuvenation for 5-15 years without surgical intervention.

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The vast majority of the essence of anti-aging techniques is to restore and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin – proteins that provide turgor, elasticity, freshness and elasticity of the skin. Consider the most popular options for salon anti-aging treatments, will hold a tour of the features of anti-aging cosmetics and, of course, touch on the theme of homemade ways to fight signs of skin aging.

"Injections of youth"

Who is ready for the sake of youth and attractiveness of a person to go to any experiments, not sparing of money and time, salon prefer non-surgical rejuvenation procedures. By giving himself into the hands of specialists, do not worry about anything, because the doctor himself will make a choice, from a professional point of view to assess the state of the patient's skin, features and the scale of the problem, age, the presence of factors that prohibit or restrict the use of one or another technique.

A lot of options. Most popular today are injectable and hardware methods of non-surgical rejuvenation. Among the most popular injection techniques include:

  1. Mesotherapy.
  2. Plasmolifting.
  3. Biorevitalization.
  4. The ozone therapy.
  5. Non-surgical contouring.
  6. "Beauty shots" for individual problem areas.

The popularity of injection techniques not only due to the amazing effect of rejuvenating the skin from within, but no mandatory in most cases, long-term training, short-term rehabilitation period, practical safety and without pain. Principle of the procedure is the same – into the dermis administered injectable drugs, as a result of exposure which the skin is rejuvenated visually, with its surface disappear the main signs of wilting.

Drugs in such procedures are different. In mesotherapy is used mainly multicomponent cocktail of youth, which include:

  • Vitamin complexes.
  • The hyaluronic acid.
  • Artificially selected proteins collagen and elastin.
  • Organic acids.
  • Fibroblasts, etc.

To conduct plasma PRP uses the patient's own blood. After the introduction of the substance into the dermis starts the natural process of skin rejuvenation without risk of allergic reactions to the drug.

In ozone the main active components of the injection material is ozone, under which the skin cells also refresh and rejuvenate yourself.

Hardware methods of rejuvenation

Well established in matters of facial rejuvenation innovative hardware procedures:

  • ELOS-rejuvenation.
  • Photorejuvenation.
  • Radio wave lifting.
  • Laser rejuvenation.
  • Laser fractional rejuvenation.
  • Laser resurfacing of the skin.
  • Thermage etc.

The principle of operation of most of them is extreme, non-invasive impact (directional or fractional) on the skin. The devices produce light, heat, ultrasonic, radio wave, etc. flows.

In any case, skin cells it is a kind of shock therapy, which ultimately causes the desired response – active updating of the structural composition of the surface and subject them to the layers of the skin. Depending on applied techniques and hardware rejuvenation is achieved by instantaneous or cumulative effect of upgrading the structure of the skin.

In addition, to eliminate optical signs of aging on the face in a beauty clinic, the patient can be offered the procedure, ultrasound and chemical peels, facelift, injection of drugs, which restore the skin's structure due to hydration (hyaluronic acid) or block the mobility of the facial muscles (Dysport, Botox).

methods of rejuvenation

Benefits of salon methods of facial rejuvenation are numerous. First and foremost is the high efficiency, relative painlessness, an opportunity to quickly see the result of the procedure (course of treatment), painlessness, lack of serious risks, complications, side effects.

Among the disadvantages – high cost, time cost, short-term effect of rejuvenation. These factors are the reason that many women still have to struggle to maintain the youthfulness of your face by using cosmetic products or the old-fashioned folk remedies.

Anti aging cosmetics

If a woman is kind to your appearance and want to delay aging as long term in the home of cosmetic "medicine Cabinet" it must be anti-aging face creams – night, day, moisturizing, nourishing, anti-wrinkle, etc.

The effectiveness of any anti-aging cosmetics based on four "pillars":

  1. Hydration. Insufficient degree of moisture – the main causes of skin aging. Therefore, to delay its decay can be due to maintain normal a sufficient level of moisture. Therefore, in any such cream has components that ensure the hydration of the dermis. As a result of application of cosmetic products, anti age the skin becomes firmer, smoother, looks younger. Alas, the rejuvenating effect of the cream is given only in the case of their regular use.
  2. Purification. Clean skin looks well-groomed and more youthful. Therefore, in the anti-aging creams often include substances with exfoliating action (salicylic, glycolic, lactic and other organic acids). They remove the top layer of the epidermis dead cells so the skin looks clean, fresh. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed.
  3. Protection. One of the factors of aging is the accumulation in the tissues of the skin free radicals. To reduce the degree of adverse impact of external factors on the skin can antioxidants. Therefore, in the anti-aging creams injected substances with strong antioxidant properties – vitamins a, C, E, extracts of medicinal herbs (green tea, grapeseed, etc.), coenzyme Q10. These ingredients provide anti-aging cosmetics a preventive effect aimed at preventing the formation of new wrinkles. Alas, to remove existing wrinkles anti-aging cream is unable.
  4. Smoothing. The main component of anti-aging cosmetics designed to visually smooth out wrinkles is retinol (vitamin A). It not only reduces the effect on skin of free radicals, but also good cells exfoliates the upper Horny layer stimulates collagen production. The "magic" of rejuvenating creams containing vitamin a, of course, can not give, but as a result of regular application the skin becomes more elastic, smooth, clean, and supple.

"Unprofessional" means of facial rejuvenation

Prepared with his own hands masks, creams, serums, lotions, tonics are made from products that moisturize, nourish, protect and smooth the skin. That is, do the exact same thing that anti-aging cream. In this case they consist exclusively of natural components that guarantees the security of the application. Of course, the cost of any of these compositions is much lower than that of the purchase of creams, masks, serums, etc., and the effectiveness is equal or even higher.

In addition, homemade treatments for the face can be performed at any convenient time, recipes folk remedies of rejuvenation of face skin a great variety, which makes it possible to choose the option that matches the type of skin. Plus, the ingredients for the preparation of such compositions is always available. Food, pharmaceutical vitamin capsules, herbs with healing properties, essential oils... everything you need to prepare homemade anti-aging remedies, you can either buy at your local pharmacy for mere pennies, or you can find in the kitchen.

how to rejuvenate skin

To compete with salon techniques, folk aesthetics, of course, cannot. No home meetings can't eliminate already appeared on face the signs of aging with the same degree of efficiency as high-tech hardware or injectable procedures skin rejuvenation without surgery. But to compete with anti-aging cosmetics, folk remedies are quite capable, since their main objective is the prevention of aging.