Massager for facial wrinkles: how to apply at home

With age occurs the aging process and the skin becomes flabby, overly dry, pigmented and wrinkled. Beauty salons offer many treatments, but their cost is not affordable for everyone. Experts recommend to take advantage of the great alternative – a facial massager, which will help to restore the smooth surface of the skin at home.

massager for rejuvenation

The advantages and disadvantages of massagers for the face

The benefit of using the massager against wrinkles on the face is the possibility of its use at home, allowing a rejuvenating session at any time and as many times as necessary. But in addition this experts identify several "pros" massage for facial wrinkles:

  • the range of equipment of this type is quite large, you can make a choice in their favor and cost, and on the principle of impact on the skin;
  • to use the instrument very easily, no need to have any specific knowledge – quite carefully examine the instructions;
  • financial investments need to do only 1 time when buying a massager and use it regularly and on demand;
  • it will be possible to refuse from the injections of Botox and other injectable procedures to rejuvenate which are considered potentially dangerous to health and beauty;
  • with proper use will not only rejuvenate, but also to solve other dermatological problems.

But despite the fact that most of the massagers for face wrinkles have quality certificates and approved for use in cosmetics, they also have disadvantages:

  • relatively high cost on some models of equipment;
  • the result of insecurity;
  • high risk of side effects;
  • the presence of contraindications.

Really does help of wrinkles, skin tightening

Cosmetologists believe that beauty massager home use help to improve skin tone and smooth out wrinkles only in the case that the aging process has only begun its development. Therefore, they are recommended for use in the prevention of early appearances of age-related changes on the face is "sagging" skin on the cheeks, formed small wrinkles around the outer corners of the eyes ("crow's feet"), began to appear barely noticeable spots.

It is important to understand that the rejuvenation occurs only for complex and regular care for the skin. And that means not only with a certain frequency to perform the massage, but also to apply various cosmetic products – scrubs, lotions, moisturizing and nourishing creams, masks, best suited for a specific type of dermis.

The best option for use at home

You can use to care for your skin faces the following types of massagers:

  • Mechanical roller. This is the most simple design, involving mechanical effects on the skin. It looks like connected two different size cushion, fastened to thickened the handle of the manipulator. Made this massager can be made of plastic, wood or stone, it starts to work when moving the hand along the face of the reciprocating movements.

Mechanical roller massager can affect deeper layers of the skin, has a lifting effect. The result is a firmer cover and overall facelift.

  • Vacuum. This is one of the most popular types of massagers for home use, because it provides not only wrinkles, but also cleansing of the skin surface, pores from dirt. Vacuum type equipment makes the dermis firm, smooth, with a high tone has a total tightening effect, smoothes fine wrinkles.

If there are rashes on the face, inflammation or any dermatological disease with localization of symptoms in this place, this massager is contraindicated.

  • The muscle stimulation. This is an electric type of device, which affects the dermis.

In all its layers, improves circulation, begins in fast mode to operate a different system. It eliminates facial wrinkles and fat deposits in the cheeks, neck (double chin correction). Cosmetologists say that muscle stimulation can replace Botox injections.

  • Ultrasonic. Massager "feeds" the skin, ultrasonic waves which contribute to the elimination of all defects which impair the surface smoothness. During the procedure the cells of the dermis "shrink" and "shift" — this training automatically aligns the skin structure. Further improve the production of natural collagen and elastin, preserving youth.
  • Oxygen. Properly distributed in all layers of the skin the amount of oxygen that comes from the product normalizes metabolism at the cellular level to improve skin regeneration. The complexion takes on a natural shade.

There are more massagers with infrared light and laser. The first option is optimally suited for treatment of the skin around the eyes – it is in this area very thin, sensitive and should not be injured unnecessarily stretched or compressed. Laser equipment enhances and accelerates the rejuvenating effect the results of smoothing and tightening will be noticeable just after the first procedure.

Preparing the face for the procedure

To care for the skin using massager to be truly effective, you need the dermis to prepare for the procedure:

  • float face under the hot stream showering or using steam baths in water which you can add a decoction of chamomile flowers, calendula or sage;
  • the skin is wiped with a lotion appropriate for its type.

If the goal of the procedure is wrinkles, just before it is necessary to apply to the skin a thin layer of moisturizer or nourishing cream.

How to use the massager by yourself

Selected massager is found on the surface of the face in a circular or back and forth motions – it depends on the type of fixtures and instructions in the manual. Is processed first bottom, then top. The movement should be smooth, without movements (the exception is mechanical roller massager) without effort and jerks.

Especially carefully processed that the face area where there are already signs of aging – wrinkles, sagging, increased pigmentation.

After the procedure the face should be rinsed with warm water without detergent, and dry it by wiping with a soft towel. The final step is applying a moisturizer with oily texture. Use decorative cosmetics, you can not – you need to give the skin a "rest" for a few hours, so massage should be done in the evening before bedtime.

The duration and frequency of treatments

During the procedure it is strictly forbidden to influence on the same plot for more than 1 minute. If you need a thorough workup, it is better to return to a problem location in a few seconds.

Rejuvenate, tighten the skin is only for daily proper care of her. But this statement only applies to creams, lotions and masks. As for the massager, anti-wrinkle for face, it should be used not more often than 1 time in 2 days, it is better to take a break between treatments in 4 days. As prophylaxis, the frequency of massage 1 time a week.

The massager can be used rates every 15 procedures need to make a break for 1 month and only after that you can repeat the process.

All you can do massage for face massager

One of the disadvantages of the considered equipment are contraindications to its use:

variety of massagers
  • the periods of gestation and breast feeding;
  • any pathology of the skin manifestations in areas proposed massage;
  • rashes on the face, caused by infectious or viral agents;
  • diagnosed with malignant tumors of any localization;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels of chronic;
  • abnormal widening of small blood vessels on the face – rosacea;
  • bruising, swelling, any wounds (including abrasions) on the face;
  • for acute colds;
  • the increase in body temperature for any reason;
  • the introduction of implants under the skin in history;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hypersensitivity of the skin.

Preferably before starting the course of treatments of rejuvenation to visit a beautician and consult with him about the appropriateness of this method of restoring the beauty of appearance.

Massagers for face wrinkles – a great alternative to injectable procedures to rejuvenate and expensive salon treatments. Enough to buy quality equipment, carefully read the manual and carry out the procedure regularly, in order to effect a lasting and visible.