Modern methods of facial rejuvenation - slows skin aging

Each of the fair at some time in their life, looking at myself in the mirror, notices that the time will inevitably rushes forward, taking the familiar tone and freshness to the well-groomed and youthful-looking skin and leaving a thin "thread" of wrinkles. All women are horrified to refer to these changes and not wanting to part with its beauty, studying modern methods of facial rejuvenation.

rejuvenation of the skin

Now there are many techniques aimed at getting rid of wrinkles and return the face to its former freshness and tone, so every woman can find exactly the one that she will like more. But before you start to use them, you need to understand one simple thing: it's not as easy as we would like. The appearance of your face depends primarily on your lifestyle. If you are determined to regain lost youth, we have to arm ourselves with will power and discard all the bad habits that you have. Otherwise any modern technique for facial rejuvenation does not justify your hopes for their long-lasting effect.

Early cosmetologists could offer a ladies only one way of getting rid of wrinkles is plastic surgery. Women who desperately wanted to regain his youth, had to go under the surgeon's scalpel, in the hope that a facelift or neat disposal of the "surplus" of flabby tissue will make their dreams come true. Of course, plastic surgery is effective, but it does not guarantee the longevity of your result.

Currently, cosmetologists managed to invent a lot of different methods for facial rejuvenation that do not require operations, but the result is not worse than the expensive braces. Such methods for the return of his youth for a short time became very popular among women. Especially among those who did not dare for the sake of beauty to lie on the table to the surgeon.


The modern ladies almost do not pay attention to the various anti-aging mask, and resolutely go on. One of the fastest ways to "throw" a couple of years old is by a chemical peel. It is a simple procedure for the removal and upgrade of the upper layers of the facial skin. This effect is achieved by a controlled burn special chemicals. This process starts the natural process of cell renewal, which copes with wrinkles and unwanted pimples. Before carrying out this procedure, you need to understand that the redness of the face from the done procedure may not subside for a week, but this time it is not recommended to use cosmetics.


Another method of combating wrinkles is photorejuvenation. It is possible not only to smooth out the face and give it a fresh look, but also to get rid of age spots and acne. Photorejuvenation is the most gentle procedure. It involves only light pulses that are sent to the skin, and no chemicals.


Also, many women turn to mesotherapy. It is based on injections of natural vitamins in the face and neck to get rid of sagging and restore the elasticity of tissues. This method is quite popular among those who want to quickly and safely "younger".

Silk thread

Category safe can also be attributed to the technique called "silk thread", which you probably already heard. In the instant process uses special threads which actively stimulate cells for their production of substances such as elastin and collagen, responsible for skin tone. In addition, this product saturates the fabric material that has the ability to slow the aging process.

ELOC -rejuvenation

New methods to return youth applies ELOC-rejuvenation. It uses a high-frequency current and light flows. With the help of special equipment they penetrate deep into the skin, interacting with a particular layer. The procedure is virtually painless, except that the patient may feel a slight tingling.

I never cease to be popular, and injections of Botox and hyaluronic acid.

How to slow skin aging or beauty secrets

Many women who are just starting to see wrinkles on your face, wondering how to slow down aging of the skin? After all, all ladies want to look young and beautiful for years to come. First, let's understand what contributes to aging.

The first enemy of our healthy and smooth skin is stress. Because of it we tend to be in constant tension, are insomnia, eating poorly and under a lot of stress. Of course, all this is reflected in our appearance. It is important to pay attention to our body's level of oxygen and liquids. To slow down aging of the skin, don't forget to take daily walks and to drink the daily requirement of clean water. And always apply a protective agent from UV rays before going out in the hottest season of the year!

methods of rejuvenation

What we eat is also very important to save our youth. Try every day to secure the necessary dose of nutrients and mineral substances necessary for a comfortable and healthy life. Some products can slow the aging process of the skin (fresh vegetables, apricot, melon, nuts, olive oil, etc.), while others are able to accelerate it (margarine, sugar, most of the preservatives, processed natural products). Proper nutrition can not only slow down aging of the skin, it will benefit all of your body.

Also stay away from a sedentary lifestyle! Worth at least a few times a week to visit some classes (fitness, yoga, Pilates, aerobics, dancing), or a half-hour every day doing exercises. It is best to train yourself to run in the evenings near the house. This is the cheapest and most effective way to keep fit, and along with it extra hours in the fresh air.

Don't forget to take care of your face! Always remove makeup before bed and apply on the face and body of a special moisturizer. The mask is best done from natural products and apply them regularly. Be sure to take a contrast shower to your skin for many years retained its elasticity.

Of course, these tips may seem banal, but it is the way of life will help you to preserve your youth and beauty. Never be lazy to do better.