Facial rejuvenation without surgery: the most effective ways

For every woman, but rather for her skin requires an individual approach and result. There are enough diverse procedure called lifting.

The so-called natural facial rejuvenation can be implemented only in the case if your body will produce a certain amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

These processes tend to "fade away" because of time, because your body and the body become clogged due to various bad habits and enters a small part of nutrients due to malnutrition. Also, your metabolism will slow down, because they will not have enough physical activity, and all this is due to age-related changes.

Any of the various methods of rejuvenating your skin automatically aimed at restoring the production of useful substances, as well as the resumption of the regeneration process of the epidermis.

If you find any signs of aging on your skin, then they should be fought until it is too late, and for this there are a huge number of different ways.


Rejuvenation without surgery

One way of facial rejuvenation without surgery is divided into:

  • integrated home care;
  • special injection;
  • hardware cosmetology;
  • and litora lifting.

A surgical facelift or SMAS.

A surgical facelift is a complete plastic surgery that can remove the creases, wrinkles, excess skin and fat.

SMAS is designed for the removal of tissues that have lost tone. The operations (procedures) can be done by the age of 50 or after this mark in age, unless of course you are interested in facial skin rejuvenation.


In this section we list you the most popular types of lifting hardware, will explain in detail about the technology litora braces, and the feasibility of cosmetic care for the skin.

Hardware rejuvenation

  • Ultrasonic lifting is at war with the collagenic fibers, reducing their number by the method of heating.

Such lifting is paired with muscle-aponeurositis system, or as they say shorter SMAS, which is responsible for the youthfulness and beauty of skin.

The method of ultrasonic rejuvenation improves the quality of skin and its contours and terrain. Using this method, you can do elastic muscles of the neck and eliminate double chin.And another plus of this method of rejuvenation, it is a short term rehabilitation;

  • Laser facelift is the most effective method among all existing. The laser, or rather its effects may be different if, for example, to work with the upper layers of the skin, purify the skin from dead and non-working (passive) cells, it is called grinding. It penetrates deep into the layers of the epidermis (while not damaging the surface layer of the skin) or adjusts the upper parts, thereby running fractus laser rejuvenation of the skin.

The meaning of this technology is tepidus of the skin (this allows you to remove dead cells and live to get to work and share). In addition, this procedure leads to the production of elastin and collagen responsible for the freshness and elasticity of the skin.

This procedure is rejuvenation of the skin is painless, has no complications and is able to exclude any possibility of infection.

    Thermage or RF-lifting – this technology operates by using radiofrequency radiation.

Electromagnetic waves penetrate deeply into the skin and warms the inner layers, after which the blood circulation is improved, updated cells also increases the amount of collagen.

This procedure does not leave after itself traces, and does not have any allergic reactions.

    Photorejuvenation is formed on the light pulses, which stimulate the fibroblasts (the deep layers of the epidermis).

This procedure does not take a large amount of time and achieved, so to speak, the natural production of collagen in the active mode, which ultimately gives the result of healthy and clean skin color and also wrinkles.

There are other advantages to this method – it can also remove capillaribus mesh and acne rash.

litora lifting

With the help of threads a process of rejuvenation of the facial skin are able to be realized in one procedure, the operation time which depends on the volume of work on the skin tissues.

Before the procedure the doctor applies a markup on the face, in order to correctly enter the thread and to achieve the highest possible result that the client expects.

Introduction threads do not hurt absolutely nothing, as the depth to which the needle penetrates, equal to from 3 to 5 mm. After the procedure is carried out (process introduction) the tips of these threads is fixed on the head in order to hide any signs of lifting.

This type of procedure can carry two types of fibers is non-absorbable and absorbable.

The first form of threads changed a couple of years after their introduction. The second disappears with time, however, in that place there is a frame of the other new fibers which actually provide reasonably long-lasting results of facelift.

Reduced wrinkles, a remote double chin, and restored facial contour and raised cheekbones – that's the result of the procedure litora lifting.


Comprehensive skin care

You can also do rejuvenation of the face and without exposure to hardware and plastic materials, only those methods are called home care treatments or salon.

The cosmetologist can remove the old passive cells of the epidermis, such procedures as peeling and nourishing mask.

After twenty-five years you should have in your Arsenal of cosmetics anti-canus cosmetics. This makeup increases the production of collagen and elastin and stimulates cellular metabolism. Also doesn't hurt to use homemade beauty recipes that allow you to obtain your body the nutrients from foods alone.

Excellent results in the rejuvenation of the skin you will not get unless you follow for your skin, for a healthy lifestyle, regular moisturizing and daily care – without this positive result is impossible.

Proper diet and quality products contribute to the proper nourishment with which your pores become clearer and the complexion is evened and becomes uniform.

Massage can prevent the aging of your tissues, and high-quality cosmetics extremely prolongs your youth and benefit the skin tissues.

Rejuvenation offa

There are injectable skin rejuvenation procedure of the face, which is directed to the introduction under the skin tissue and fixing a variety of nutritious cocktails.

Choose these formulations, depending on the goal you pursue, and of course your desired end result. This procedure is painless, but if you want, you can also use local anesthesia.

Let's take a closer look at the most popular methods of injection lifting.

rejuvenation injections

Mesotherapy is an injection into the skin of small doses of active substances and vitamins of natural origin. For example, it can be:

  • pyruvic, glycolic or hyaluronic acid;
  • fibroblasts;
  • vitamins (Biotin, thiamine, pyridoxine, ascorbic and nicotinic acids);
  • the cells of the connective tissue;
  • extracts (elastin and collagen).

Mesotherapy is used to rejuvenate these parts of the body like neck, chest and face. Using this method you can align the oval of the face, which contribute to skin tightening and elimination of double chin.

Botox works mainly for facial wrinkles. This procedure is quite painless and last only twenty minutes.

Botox leads to a stretching of the skin and relaxes tense muscles after its introduction. You also won't have tissue atrophy, because during this procedure the blood supply is not disturbed.

If you want to use this method of rejuvenation after forty years, it is a good idea since Botox at this time of great improves the appearance and reduces wrinkles.

Gels – a variety of implants based on hyaluronic acid. This acid is considered a physiological component of the skin tissues of your face and is performed by maintaining the moisture level.

The process of facial rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid will help you to eliminate wrinkles around lips, eye area, cheeks, and also age-related changes between the brows and forehead. This gel is quite possible to enhance the lips.

Very important: after carrying out such a method of lifting gel, not to strain any parts of the facial muscles.

The method of the ozone rejuvenation is the process of injecting ozone (ozone is the one of the varieties of oxygen).

This method stops the aging process and makes your skin fresh, pre-moisturizes and nourishes cells.

The so-called ozone lifting is one of the most effective methods of facial rejuvenation because it improves the relief of the epidermis and the color of your skin and normalizes microcirculation, smoothes wrinkles, removes the top layer of Cornea skin, and updates the subcutaneous tissue.

laser lifting

Justo plasma method is the rejuvenation of facial skin with the help of enrichment of blood platelets, which stimulate a process called neocollagenesis in. The latter process causes rejuvenation of skin tissue at the cellular level. After the procedure old wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes elastic and it won't be a new wrinkle.

in neocollagenesis. The latter process causes rejuvenation of skin tissue at the cellular level. After the procedure old wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes elastic and it won't be a new wrinkle.

Apart from all above mentioned popular methods such as reinforcement, 3D modeling and biorevitalization. Each of these methods is good in your plan, you should strictly and carefully matched to your skin the technique of lifting to further the end result was somewhat worse than you expected.

Facial rejuvenation can be done in various ways, and each of them will praise the experts, but also their clients, however, I recommend you to do it all by yourself and trust no one. And you can trust the professionals, but only to a certain point. Your most serious should be the hardware face rejuvenation, after which current endoscopic facelift is already more never will be relevant to you.