Laser facial rejuvenation

Prolong youth is a dream for any fairer sex. And thermotherapy is the most radical and the most effective way to get rid of age changes of appearance. We propose to consider, what is laser facial rejuvenation, its price in different cities of Russia and Ukraine, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure for the skin.

laser rejuvenation

The principle of action of laser therapy

Laser cosmetology is the hard way of getting rid of wrinkles and age spots. Effect on the dermis produced using ray power generator, doctor determines its optimal temperature and depth, followed by a treatment of the epidermis. Due to the high temperature the cells of the skin are burned, thereby causing the body to fully update the cover. Such rejuvenation has a lot of contraindications and side effects, but help from:

  1. Deep nasolabial wrinkles;
  2. Age spots;
  3. Demodicosis;
  4. Acne, pimples and acne.


With laser skin is a multi-level impacts, proposed to examine it in detail:

  1. fractional ablative rejuvenation (devices palomarstar, Max, or Lux Palomar – Palomar, fraxel) . This technique is used to eliminate pitting of the skin. Scientists have proven that different areas of the face a completely different stage of cell growth, respectively, on certain areas of the dermis can be dry and damaged, and at others delicate and clean. To impact only on the problematic parts need to use special dot laser.
  2. laser biorevitalization (light air) is an innovative non-surgical technology that allows the girls to get rid of deep scars and wrinkles without the scalpel. The technique is to use short laser pulses that burn damaged and aging top layers of dermis and after in its place formed a new epidermis clean and fresh. Biorevitalization is also very good that positively affects the speed and amount of collagen. To accelerate the effect on the skin of the face and neck smeared with a special composition, which penetrates deep into the skin and promotes its saturation with nutrients, it is well established the drug produced in Germany;
  3. non-ablative laser irradiation (smart, smooth, cutera) is the effect on the face with the help of long laser beams. Quite a serious procedure, it is prescribed only in case of strong precipitation, very deep scars or after damage to the individual chemicals. In contrast to ablative rejuvenation, non fractus processes from the entire face;
  4. laser resurfacing (syneron, smartxide) is the most "innocuous" procedure of all of the above. In the presence of a special apparatus, it is easily done at home. Correction is made by sapphire or erbium laser, which gives very gentle but deep effect on the dermis. This facelift will help to correct facial contours, to remove small facial wrinkles, get rid of crow's feet or acne.
  5. photorejuvenation (friendly) includes a set of procedures from the list. This can be a fractional or full effects of laser skin rejuvenation. This files most often appointed by the beauticians to give tone and elasticity to the dermis of women over 45.

Contraindications and complications

Laser skin rejuvenation or hair removal ELOS on the unit fotona is a very serious step, because thermal effect is a major stress to the body. The procedure has very serious consequences, especially if you ignore the contraindications. Whom it is impossible to perform photorejuvenation:

  1. Pregnant women, nursing;
  2. Cancer patients;
  3. Girls with blood disorders, bad coagulability of the fluid lentus vessels;
  4. Diabetics (both insulin-dependent or not);
  5. People with mental disabilities;
  6. Adolescents up to 16 years and adults after 60 (in the first case, may disrupt the structure of the skin, the second is very slow regenerative processes);
  7. The hypertensive and hypotensive patients and patients vegetative-vascular dystonia intolerance to thermal effects, allergies.

Not a single women's forum argues that, despite the good reviews and impressive photos of the person after the procedure, laser resurfacing is often accompanied by the effects and harm the body. This edema, pain (especially in the first three days), an intolerance to sunlight in the first week, high chance of infection, herpes (according to unofficial data appears in 80% of cases after therapy) and many more. It is also not always well tolerated by the body anesthesia, then a few days may experience dizziness or even migraine.

Modern medicine has achieved great breakthroughs in the field of regenerate. Doctors prescribe special drugs that help the skin to fight against external irritants, as well as disinfect the dermis and minimize the probability of a crust on the face.

Important! If You really believe that only this procedure will help to solve Your problem then agree. But if a possible alternative is to use a more gentle treatment.

DOT (dot) is a great way for a short period of time to become much younger, but it has serious consequences and is not cheap.