Essential oils for face skin — effective ways to use

All sorts of recipes based oils help to cope with the different skin problems and eliminate wrinkles and remove acne. After their application, improves mood, aktiviziruyutsya mental activity, and the melancholy and depression disappear.

essential oil for skin

The beneficial properties of essential oils

Before you use essential oils for facial skin, you need to study their beneficial properties. A useful product has excellent penetration ability, so any positive result will be noticeable after the first session.

Depending on the varieties of ether possess such useful properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic characteristic of the oils of juniper, chamomile, sandalwood and tea tree.
  • The wound healing properties of the different means of geranium or chamomile.
  • Increase the elasticity of the skin and have rejuvenating effects of lemon oil, clove and verbena.
  • Helps with psoriasis, the air of orange, juniper or sandalwood.
  • Nourishing and moisturizing properties of different oils of peppermint, vervain or lemon.
  • The antioxidant property has the facility of rose, sandalwood or juniper.

It's not all useful properties of the oils. As researchers found, in the composition of the oils contain plant hormones that help to regulate hormonal balance.

Tip! We must remember that the esters in pure form have a powerful irritant and can cause burns.

Unlike essential oils from cosmetic

Between the aroma oil and beauty big difference. In the wrong dosage, the first option can harm human health. Inhalation of concentrated fragrance can be a headache or even allergic reaction. If it is wrong to use makeup for the face, it may be rash, and severe redness.

The benefits of essential oils in comparison with other variants include:

  • Naturalness and sustainability. Such components in most cases are of vegetable origin.
  • A wide range of applications. Oils are used in cosmetics, medicine, pharmaceutics and in the production of household chemicals.
  • Low cost.
  • A small flow. For example, during a massage the main expenditure accounts for the basic cosmetic product, and the essential component you will need only a few drops.

The secrets depending on skin type

It is important to know what essential oils are useful for the skin, as well as methods for their use, so as not to cause more harm. For each type of skin requires a specific approach.

How to care with oils for normal skin?

Normal skin also needs proper and comprehensive care. It regularly to tone, moisturize, and protect. Girls with this type of suit universal geranium oil and rosemary oil, rose and tea tree. With the right approach, the skin will become normal type. Then you can use ether of bergamot, ylang-ylang or peppermint.

The use of therapeutic compositions for dry skin

Useful essential oils for dry facial skin. This type of skin is different, it is susceptible to external influences. It flakes, and as it lacks moisture, it looks dehydrated and thin. Such skin before starting to fade and covered with wrinkles. It is therefore important that regular maintenance included nutrition, hydration, and stabilization of the production of fat. It uses oils of rose, sage, chamomile and orange. To prevent the appearance of wrinkles you can apply a composition of patchouli, sandalwood and neroli. Definitely together with essential compositions used the base: apricot kernel, jojoba, peach and almond.

Dry skin well perceives oils. In some cases, better than the cream. Special efficiency of different olive oil. It is applied in the mornings and evenings. It includes proteins, fatty acids and vitamins.

The use of oils for oily skin

Much attention requires a thick skin. You can see the pimples, unsightly Shine, and contaminated pores. Advantage of this skin is that wrinkles appear on it quite late.

Essential oils for oily skin are used to normalize the production of sebaceous glands, for easy drying and to eliminate inflammation. A similar effect has oil fir, chamomile, peppermint and juniper. In the prevention of wrinkles, apply lemon oil and lavender. Tonic properties different ginger, thyme and Melissa.

How to apply oil to rejuvenate

The first signs of aging may appear after 30 years. This is influenced by a variety of reasons: heredity, poor hydration and various diseases. Essential oils for facial rejuvenation allows to postpone the process of aging to 50 years.

In concentrated compositions contain a significant amount of nutrients and proteins. Lavender oil activates the renewal of skin tissues. There are means having a lifting effect. It's components rose, sandalwood and lavender. They can be added to normal day cream. The healing components are diluted by the underlying funds. Ether orange or lavender gives your face fresh and blooming hue. The appearance of wrinkles, using the compositions of the apricot kernel and grapeseed.

oil for the face

That will help with problem skin?

Not so easy to pick up essential oils for oily skin. Some of them are able to cope with even the most severe cases. Clove oil helps to remove various skin lesions, ulcers and boils. Geranium helps to normalize the production of sebaceous glands. Particularly suitable for those who have skin has a greater tendency to greasiness. This tool helps even if some parts dry and others very oily.

When acne will help the cedar oil. And lavender should choose if you want to remove the inflammation or cleanse the skin.

Tip! Certain oils have a greater irritant effect. Mixture of cinnamon and cloves are used only for inhalation. It is important to remember that the smell of cinnamon in a concentrated form can cause severe allergic reaction in young children.

Treatment product for sensitive skin

For such skin should choose esters that have a calming effect. These include lavender, mint or chamomile. A few drops a day will noticeably improve the condition of the skin.

Great solvents of the ethers with sensitive skin are considered to be cream or rich milk.

If you have sensitive skin esters cannot be mixed with alcohols, and also with the components contain fruit acids, animal fats or mineral components (paraffin wax, petrolatum, vaseline). All these additions will bring greater harm.

Application for skin care around the eyes

Essential oil is used not only for face but also for eyes. But in this case the application requires a special approach. The skin in this area is very delicate and thin, so tools must be chosen very carefully. Near eyes often wrinkles appear, because the eyes are always in motion.

Signs of aging can appear very early, if the skin is dry and inelastic. Therefore, it is necessary to tone and nourish. This will help the rose oil, sandalwood, neroli or tea tree. Any of the selected funds necessary to dilute the basic component. It may be avocado oil, jojoba oil or olive usual. If you often concerned about the rash and the oil of juniper, eucalyptus, mint and thyme. Oil from age spots should have a bleaching effect. This is especially effective oil of parsley, vanilla or rosewood.

How to use the oil?

The use of essential product differs from the standard application of balms and creams. In order not to get burned by a product used in small quantities and always diluted with another cosmetic product, base oil, yogurt or even alcohol. To understand how to benefit from the properties of essential oils for the skin, you should test the product for allergic reactions.

When using do not exceed the allowable dosage. If you plan joint use of the product along with the cream, you don't need to add it in the whole bottle. To 10 ml of basics enough two drops of ether.

Effective recipes for using the oils

Useful esters can be used for various treatments. Options are possible

  • For washing you need in a pint of warm water with a few drops of oil and one emulsifier. It can be starch, powdered milk or glycerin. This composition is applied every morning to rinse the face.
  • The mask can be made of a tablespoon of the main components: yogurt, egg, clay or base oil. And three drops of ether. After 15-20 minutes the mixture should be washed off.
  • Steam bath prepares the skin for subsequent procedures. In a liter of hot water add three drops of oil. Over steam with a capacity to sit about 8-10 minutes.
  • Point application is used to fight acne, boils and spots.
  • Therapeutic compresses are effective in skin problems. For recovery is necessary to moisten the air a sterile bandage and to impose on the sore spot. This should be done for the night.

All the oil used according to instructions. For example, Jasmine oil for making massage part is added 1 drop per tablespoon of base. And to add to the cream with 10 grams of Foundation added 3 drops of ether. With regular use these recipes rejuvenate and stimulate the regeneration of the skin.

And rose oil can be add 5 drops per 10 grams of cream. This composition cleans and removes irritation and peeling.

Chamomile oil for massage add 4 drops per tablespoon of base, and cream 6 drops per 10 g basis.

Sandalwood oil smoothes wrinkles, removes acne and relieves irritation. It is recommended to add 2 drops per 5 grams of cream or 4 drops per tablespoon of base massage.

Correct use of oils and their combination with suitable components is able to create beautiful, supple and fresh skin. And also keep it from wrinkles and age spots for years to come.