Facial rejuvenation at home: recipes from wrinkles, lifting, at home

At all times women wanted for as long as possible to preserve the freshness and velvety skin, the smooth curves of the figure, Swan neck. After all, if the problems with the internal organs, increasing with years of chronic disease surrounding can only imagine the condition of the face, neck and hands is a kind of calling card, a indication of age, status and visual appeal of a person. In Ancient Egypt used a variety of means of home skin rejuvenation. Steam baths with herbs, masks with clay and aromatic oils helped to reduce such signs of aging, like dry skin, visible lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and age spots, there was even a peeling means on the basis of sugar and olive oil.

The methods of facial rejuvenation at home

facial rejuvenation at home

Your confidence depends on our appearance. If nice clothes can be bought for a matter of minutes literally transformed the miserable condition and health of skin, hair, nails, sorry, to correct very hard, and even the most luxurious outfit will not be able to rectify the situation. So you need to regularly take care to preserve the beauty and youth of skin. The first anti-aging treatments, it is desirable to connect after the onset of the thirty years, when age-related changes only begin to form and totally invisible.

Of course, now each of you may argue that a good anti-aging cosmetics and salon treatments are not cheap, and to achieve visible results need regularity that all this is only suitable for the wealthy ladies with a lot of free time.

And here and there, I know effective secrets of how enough budget to restore youth and beauty to the skin at any age. I have to say, it is not necessary to require home care impossible, a quick results of rejuvenation can not guarantee even competent cosmetologist, but regular use of these techniques works wonders, it is tested by me personally.

Procedures for self-facial rejuvenation:

  • massage;
  • mimic exercises;
  • contrasting washing.

Like I said, all ingenious — is simple. The benefits of regular massage and facial charging big: help support the facial muscles in tone, tighten its contours, smooth fine lines, improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. To perform the self-massage should be clean hands, not too go overboard, so as not to leave bruises, to produce movement in the direction of the massage lines with the fingertips.

Contrast wash — a super effective method of rejuvenation, which should finish all the morning water procedures. The temperature contrast strengthens blood vessels and tightens the face oval, stimulates the production of collagen. One of the variants of this method is wiping the face with ice cube. For freezing, you can use purified water, green tea, decoction of medicinal herbs.

Home remedies of rejuvenation of face skin

In addition to the simple daily procedures to preserve the youth and freshness of your face, you should use anti-aging cosmetics. It can be prepared at home from familiar components. I want to note that the skin after the age of 40 becomes more dry, the muscle fibers weaken, sailing loop, so beauty should moisturize and tighten at the same time. Store-bought products for the face must contain a high level of UV protection because the sun's rays are harmful Mature skin, provoking its rapid aging and increased formation of age pigment spots.

At home we can do the following cosmetics for facial rejuvenation:

  • lotion cleanser;
  • tonic;
  • cream;
  • scrub;
  • mask.

In the recipe of each of these tools contains natural ingredients that help to restore the natural beauty of the skin, fighting age-related manifestations, bleach it, improve its tone, have a tightening or smoothing action. The most popular components for the preparation of anti-aging cosmetics: flax, yeast, rolled oats, honey, natural yoghurt or sour cream, eggs.

I want to tell, what is the use of medicinal plants, essential and vegetable oils to return youth to the skin. Vegetable oils nourish and moisturize the skin, fills it with vitamins and healthy fatty acids that trigger the production of collagen fibers. You can use them instead of a night cream or as a means for removing makeup.

I recommend to pay attention to olive, almond, grape seed oil, amaranth oil, wheat germ oil, coconut oil, avocado oil. Adding a couple of drops of a suitable essential oil in homemade blends for Mature skin care will improve even the most effective means, and the pleasant aroma of cheerfulness and energy. Medicinal plants used for preparing beauty recipes of our ancestors, extracts and essences of them are successfully used now all well-known cosmetic brands.

Don't want to give unambiguous advice about what the best homemade cosmetics for facial rejuvenation. I always experiment and choose the favorite for yourself.

In conclusion, proper care of skin is necessary as 20 and 55 years. Pick for daily use is exclusively suitable for your specific skin type means, consider the age factor. Regular use of home remedies will help to preserve youth, beauty and health of your skin. Dose finding under the scorching sun, use protective measures against ultraviolet radiation, protect delicate facial skin from frostbite and wind daily be sure to remove makeup and clean the face well. Massage, proper nutrition, healthy sleep and fresh air are the chief AIDS to maintain the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. Don't forget that beautiful smile and shining eyes can make you look younger regardless of their age in the passport.