The apparatus for facial rejuvenation - the best helper at home

If you use any cosmetic products anti-aging changes give the maximum effect if to combine them with the procedures for rejuvenation, some of which can be done at home.

apparatus for rejuvenating

However, the final result of these procedures will depend not only on the quality of the product and manufacturers, but also on the condition of the skin. Therefore, even the most popular devices for facial rejuvenation one woman will benefit and the other may not like. For this you need to understand what are the devices for rejuvenation and what they have contraindications.

The differences between the devices

If you compare innovative anti-aging devices and cosmetic products to care for skin, they have the same effect, however, expect miracles from them is not worth it.

If on the face deep folds, wrinkles with the help of machines will not help them completely smooth.

The exception would be a professional device for rejuvenation that provides immediate rejuvenation, but has a significant drawback – a large number of side effects. These devices are used in beauty salons where facial rejuvenation is performed in the complex.

If you take into account home appliances for rejuvenation, they are more gentle and do not harm, that is their main advantage. As for the features of these devices, then they should include:

  • if you regularly use the devices for rejuvenation, it is possible to eliminate skin aging and delay the appearance of the first signs of skin aging;
  • skin care at home will not be easy, no skills are required;
  • you can use the device in all conditions, most of the models suitable for carrying;
  • homemade devices to rejuvenate subdivided into several categories, so different way of working and solving specific problems.

Laser devices

To quickly and effectively remove wrinkles on the face, should try the effect of a laser apparatus of the type which can be for home and salon use. These devices penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, then you run processes in the production of collagen and elastin.

If the laser apparatus is designed for home use, then the procedure takes only 5-6 minutes, but the maximum effect.

Also after the procedure is applied to the face special cosmetic composition, which contains 17 natural peptides and 4 types of collagen vitamins. Together these components provide the most powerful effect on the skin.

the types of devices

After using the hardware improves nutrition of the epidermis, the activation of vital processes and restores skin from the inside of the fiber. The minimum course of treatment the laser device in normal home is at least three months.

But if women are any skin diseases, it is necessary to abandon such equipment. During pregnancy, anti-aging treatments is also necessary to postpone. In the presence of herpes on the face or allergic reactions is also contraindicated any hardware procedures.

Ultrasonic rejuvenation

Modern ultrasonic rejuvenation takes only 20 minutes, this procedure is carried out 2 times a week. The procedure is similar to mesotherapy, as it operates on the top layer of the epidermis, combats the aging process and cleanses the skin. In addition, the ultrasound stimulates hydration of the skin and improves their nutrition.

After the procedure of ultrasonic rejuvenation occurs the running processes of collagen and elastin. However, before her to perform, you need to know that there are contraindications for ultrasound.

For example, it is forbidden rejuvenation machine, if the women are cancer processes in the body are heart disease, skin disease or neuralgia.

Vacuum massage

In most cases, the wrinkles at home involves masks and scrubs, however, the maximum effect of the vacuum apparatus. These devices have several nozzles, as they are designed to work on different areas of the face. The advantages of these devices include:

  • there is a possibility to adjust the pressure;
  • the work comes effortlessly;
  • special nozzles to protect against damage to the blood vessels.

When you vacuum massage of the face, creates a vacuum that draws a certain area of the skin, grasping the connective tissue and damaging some fatty areas. Through this action the lymphatic system of the skin begins to display the lipids, which results in the elimination of irregularities of the skin and its tightening.

And yet, this technology is aimed at combating wrinkles and swelling. If on the person there are a large moles, wounds, lots of acne, rosacea or skin is very sensitive, the facial rejuvenation in house conditions by means of a vacuum apparatus is prohibited.

ultrasound machines

Microcurrent and radio waves

These devices are in their effect similar to a microwave, as heat the upper layers of skin, stimulating the fibroblasts. These fibers are responsible for wrinkles to form collagen. And thanks to this technology it is possible to remove stretch marks from the skin.

There are certain contraindications for this procedure is the presence of a lupus, scleroderma, pregnancy, endocrine system diseases, exacerbation of infections, the presence of implants under the skin.