Facial rejuvenation: the "pros" and "cons"

Let's be honest, each of us wants to stop time and prevent aging. Cosmetologists are convinced that modern treatments can help you look younger for few years and work is not worse than a surgeon's scalpel. But what are the "pros" and "cons" have rejuvenating procedures?



The story of Botox began not with cosmetics, and medicine. The first botulinum toxin used in the late 70-ies of American ophthalmologist Alan Scott. He injected the drug to patients in the orbital muscle of the eye to cure blepharospasm. Would suggest doctor, that some time in its queue will be lining up women to cure the neurological disorder and to get their "dose of beauty"?

Having started to study the drug, Alan found that botulinum toxin inhibits the nerve impulse that travels from the nervous system to muscle fiber, causing the facial muscles are relaxed, and shallow and deep wrinkles are smoothed. Since Botox takes a worthy position among the procedures of rejuvenation.

For: Botox is an effective medication for working with the area of the forehead. It is well smoothes wrinkles in this area, and the result lasts at least six months. By the way, the correct method of administration of the drug a person will not be like the puppet and will not lose facial expression. At the last medical Congress in Monaco has been dubbed a new trend of reducing the number of administered botulinum toxin. Today, the patient with the doll facial expression - is bad, unprofessional work of the doctor.

Against: we Should think whether you need to use Botox if you want to remove the notorious "crow's feet". The drug is well corrects this defect. However, because botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles around the eyes, and we need to blink, close their eyes, some people on this soil formed compensatory wrinkling at the inner corner of the eye. Botox in the lower third of the face should be cleaved only by a qualified, competent doctor, as taking into account the anatomical features of this zone, the distribution of the Botox here is unpredictable.

Important: the injection of botulinum toxin is a cautious attitude if you have a predisposition to swelling and the presence of a hernia in the eyes. The fact that Botox has the ability to slow the outflow of fluid, swelling or hernias is desirable. A qualified specialist will help you choose other facial rejuvenation suitable in this case.



The filler is the injection of stabilized hyaluronic acid that are injected under the skin with the aim to smooth out wrinkles and model the face.

Grandparents fillers were invented in the 19th century. For the correction of visual defects of the face injections were made on the basis of paraffin. In the early 20th century for these purposes began to use human fat, in 50-e years have done some experiments with silicone. Modern fillers are based on hyaluronic acid appeared not so long ago - in the early 90-ies and became a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of cosmetology.

For: With fillers it is possible to make so-called non-surgical contour plastics. This is especially true for age-related changes. With age there is atrophy of subcutaneous fat, that is, its layer on the face reduced, and a so-called "buccal cushions". In this case, the fillers replace the lost volume of the subcutaneous fat and return a youthful roundness. Also use the fillers if you want you can tweak the shape of the nose or chin. The effect lasts on average from 4 months to a year.

Cons: Fillers require precision, if a little more typing hyaluronic acid, you may experience swelling of the face, since it tends to retain moisture. And can keep for a long time.

It is also worth to know in advance at the beautician, what he uses drugs for this procedure. The main thing that they were not synthetic and was on the market for at least five years. The drug, which is to the benefit of the beauty for less than five years generally little studied, and indeed may first be tested exclusively on consumers. In this case, the unknown is not about allergic reactions or other side effects that it can give.


Biorevitalization is the same thing as fillers. Only injections are made on the basis of the unstabilized and stabilized the less dense hyaluronic acid. The procedure is designed to restore water balance in the skin.

For: the Procedure does have moisturizing effects because hyaluronic acid retains moisture in the skin. It also stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the body and hyaluronic acid well-worked out fine wrinkles - around the eyes, corners of the mouth, skin creases.


Against: Biorevitalization on unstabilized hyaluronic acid possible and at a young age. However, the effect is short-lived, and the procedure will need to be repeated frequently.


The procedure involves the mechanical action of the needle on the skin with the purpose to injure it, and the introduction of special cocktails.

For: In a result of injuries from needles appears post-traumatic edema, and in the process of wound healing there is a lifting effect. Due to the mechanical interference and effects of drugs stimulated decay of fat deposits, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes within cells.

Cons:If you want to undergo mesotherapy in order to obtain a lifting effect, you have to understand that he eventually will be small. And meso therapeutic cocktails consisting typically of three to four components, can cause allergies. Moreover, it is difficult to immediately recognize, on any particular component having a negative reaction.

Important: If you decide to mesotherapy, ensure that the cocktail was no more than two components, reducing the risk of allergies.


The procedure resembles a specific mesotherapy, only small injuries on the skin are created using the laser and the cocktails here are not used.

For: unlike mesotherapy, the skin creates more trauma. This procedure starts the process of regeneration in the skin. The body tends to patch up the holes so blood vessels expand, which to injured areas to help tend fibroblasts, platelets. As a result of active "repair", achieved a good lifting effect.

Cons: you May experience post-traumatic pigmentation on the skin. So if you are going to leave in a hot country, the procedure should take place at least one month in advance.



Viennese Countess Elizabeth Bathory to preserve youth, bathed in the blood of virgins. Modern plazmoliftinga procedure also allows to deal with aging with blood, but his own.

The procedure is performed in the morning on an empty stomach. Cosmetologist produce blood sampling from the vein. Then it is placed in a special centrifuge, where a certain number of revolutions separated plasma rich in platelets. Her and injected under the skin.

In: Platelets stimulate the build of new blood vessels, collagen synthesis, improve skin nutrition. Plasma is wonderful considering the area of the hands, neck, decollete, skin creases and wrinkles on the face.

Cons: you May experience swelling, appearance of bruising after any injection procedure, but they quickly pass.