Fractional laser resurfacing facial, laser resurfacing

Light wrinkles in the eye area and hardly marked nasolabial folds only gives the appearance of seriousness, and even a certain solidity. Well, and modern cosmetics allow you to disguise as signs of aging and skin defects.

laser rejuvenation

However, the first treatment should be carried out in this period when you can apply gentle techniques to restore the properties of young skin. But in more advanced age should not give up innovative hardware techniques can work wonders, there's not a drop of exaggeration. One of the most effective ways is fractional laser resurfacing of the face.

What is a fractional laser rejuvenation

Laser fractional rejuvenation innovative hardware – based method for high efficiency, safety, short recovery period. The basis of this technique and targeting a short-term effect of laser energy on the skin (the body).

Fractional laser used in cosmetics, triggers the production of collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the dermis, which causes changes in the structure of the skin – it becomes more dense and elastic, uniform color.

Indications for use

Fractional rejuvenation of the face shown men and women at any age. Grinding is performed on different areas of the face and body. After a course of rejuvenating sessions observed the following effects:

  • deep wrinkles are mild, small – smoothed;
  • the spots disappear or turn pale;
  • dissolve scars;
  • eliminates stretch marks, vascular mesh;
  • smoothed atrophic scars post-acne.

Fractional laser rejuvenation is not only rejuvenating, but also an effective anti-inflammatory method, so sanding is also useful for the treatment of acne and acne.

Features skin resurfacing

The method of fractional rejuvenation is a short-term radiation exposure on a particular portion of the skin, resulting in formation of heat microtrauma. Neighboring tissues are not damaged. Local heat exposure causes the activation of "dormant" cells that start the production of collagen and elastin, loss of ballast cells.

Special training session is required. 2 weeks before a visit to a cosmetologist, you must stop all procedures that may traumatize the skin (deep cleanse, chemical peel), to cancel trips to the beach and in a Solarium.


The recovery period is individually, which is connected with the peculiarities of the body, skin type, age of the patients. Within 15 days after the session can sunbathe, enjoy the pool, sauna, beach. You can (and should) use only those cosmetic products that are recommended by the doctor.