Fractional laser resurfacing is a principle of action, the consequences

If the skin is already reflected age-related changes, but do not want to resort to surgical services, we suggest to contact the clinic of non-surgical rejuvenation. We propose to consider one of these technologies – fractional laser rejuvenation of face and body.

The principle of operation

Laser rejuvenation

What it is – fractional laser resurfacing is the grinding of tissue with high temperatures, which ensures the laser beam. The principle of its operation is approximately the same as with laser resurfacing, but resurfacing is much stronger and it has more serious possible consequences.

The machine is a fairly small device that looks like a battery. On its working surface arranged in a special photo-elements that are responsible for the penetration of the laser under the dermis. It should be noted that the temperature of this impact is slightly higher than that of ordinary laser machine for hair removal, or combat acne. They drive very quickly, otherwise the moment you delay is and the dermis will be burned just to the deep layer.

Advertising this procedure is very pretty and seems fantastic. During one session, wrinkles and scars, treats acne and rosacea, you can even change the bold type to normal. But with the passage of the sessions you need to consider reality:

  1. Wrinkles disappear, but not all. The epidermis is responsible for the formation of deep wrinkles, just expression;
  2. Scars will not disappear in one session, you will need at least three, each with a difference in six months;
  3. The dermis heals not less than two weeks, the first of them is the lack of a protective layer, you will need all the time to inflict on developed areas different ointment and cream, can't go out in the sun;
  4. It really hurts, and it makes no difference what You have the threshold or cut-area pain or not;
  5. Not to do photorejuvenation with acne.
The effects of fractional laser resurfacing

The effects of fractional laser resurfacing

Immediately after the session the face is very sore, despite the use of analgesic ointments and solutions. After 2-3 hours it turns red and may start to swell, especially the area of the upper eyelids, nose and eye area. Peak of swelling is necessary for the next day, there are cases when you just all of the treated area turned into a water balloon, so the body tries to recover faster after rejuvenation. To slightly smooth out the situation, eat less salt and drink diuretics.

On the second day can be a selection in abundant quantities, later formed a crust on the face, which by the end of the day solidifies and becomes very hard layer, it protects the face from infections and colds. It is impossible to tear off and even touch, otherwise you can bring some sore and torn future just a new layer of epidermis and to remain forever scarred. Over time, the crust will soften and she will disappear under the influence of regenerative compositions.

Recovery starts only a week later. The crust becomes a little less firm, and the person ceases to swell. Another month I have to enjoy the bright pink color of the face, and use a healing cream with a protection level of at least 30. Despite the fact that everywhere it is spoken about only one procedure, the doctors will likely say that it should be repeated after six months and sometimes after 3 months.

This non-surgical rejuvenation is a great cure for "crow's" feet and small scars post-acne or rosacea, but DOT (dot) will not ensure getting rid of deep wrinkles and scars.

Possible complications and how to avoid them:

  • When things are really hurting - will buy and put on problem sites of a special cream (a generous amount).
  • In case of strong swelling - drink plenty of fluids, some experts advise to do hyaluronic mask.
  • The recovery process took a little longer than two weeks - drink vitamins, do not go out to walk under the sun, all the time you need to smear yourself with a special restorative ointment.
  • Left mesh of blood vessels and / or small, but deep scars - unfortunately, it is impossible to cure. Beam the scars it sometimes happens, over time they will become less noticeable, moreover, after the restoration of the face can be easily masked with Foundation or powder.

Also, it is possible side effects after fractional rejuvenation is rashes, itching and other manifestations of intolerance. This is especially subservient girls who have a sun Allergy or diagnosed with vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Special care after the procedure:

  1. Wash only boiled water;
  2. Do not go out in the sun for a week;
  3. To prolong the youth and rapid recovery is also recommended to use the ozone (ozonated wash water);
  4. While the epidermis will not get your normal color, you shouldn't do peels and scrubs – this will damage young and immature epidermis;
  5. Rehabilitation lasts from two weeks to a month, if you are going to drink vitamins and to regularly ventilate the room or in the warm fresh air, it'll go faster.

Used machines

The consequences depend not only on the skill of the doctor, but also what hardware was provided by the salon or clinic. In most cases, all the equipment of the European production. The sale is carried out in special shops or on official sites of manufacturers. For single use available to rent.

Only professional equipment is used, it is quite expensive. They come in different types: you can perform both ablative and non-ablative (the working surface is pressed against the skin or held at a distance). Versatile instrument can be found in spas.

Laser fractional rejuvenation is often suggest women's forums, it was recommended by specialists. But looking at the before and after photos (especially a year later) patients after the procedure and the possible consequences, it is worth considering whether this procedure, as it was said?