How to rejuvenate skin at home

Every woman dreams of that in any situation to look attractive and younger, regardless of biological age. To the age women always remained a mystery to others, it is necessary to carry out appropriate skin care. It is important to consider skin type and in accordance with this to select cosmetic and skin care products. Below is a look at how to rejuvenate skin at home.

Optional to spend the whole family budget on their youth. It means, rejuvenating the skin, you can create yourself, at home, and they will be no worse than from funds from the cosmetic store. To use the you can even products that are stale in your fridge or that is in the house every housewife.

Beauty recipes at home

  1. Of egg yolk, flour and milk you can cook excellent rejuvenating mask. It is necessary to consider the proportions: 5 g of flour dissolved in 5 ml of milk to get the consistency of "thick cream". Add the egg yolk. The resulting texture to apply on the problem area for about a quarter of an hour, then wash face with water with lemon juice. After that, apply a moisturizer to complete the treatment procedure. Such mask smoothes small wrinkles, spider veins and gives the skin a natural Shine and beauty.
  2. Another option with the curantis and rejuvenating effect can serve as a potato mask. You need to prepare mashed potatoes, pushed the potatoes with olive oil and milk until the puree is still warm, apply on the skin for approximately 1/3 hour. This kind of mask is better rinse with cool running water. It will give great effect for sagging skin and also help to cope with the dryness.
  3. If in the locker with cereals lost 100 grams herculeis cereal, and your skin is prone to oily Shine, then this mask is for you. The above number of Hercules you need to take 170 ml milk and 10 ml of oil (you can take both vegetable and olive). Stir, cool to room temperature and apply on the skin approximately twenty to thirty minutes. Should wash off with lukewarm water, and then apply any caring cream that you prefer.
  4. If your goal is to even out the tone, that's where you'll find cottage cheese and sour cream in proportions 1:2 with a pinch of salt. Apply the resulting mask on your face, then rinse with mineral water and apply moisturizer.
  5. Of overripe banana, stale in your refrigerator, you can also prepare a rejuvenating mask. It must be mixed with milk, then apply on the skin for 30 minutes. To clean the skin better dipped in milk with a cotton pad or cotton wool. After that, apply a caring cream. Banana moisturizes your skin and helps to smooth crows feet wrinkles.

You can find a great variety of rejuvenating and caring just masks, the main of this variety to choose the right fit for you! Experiment and look for the desired effect!