1. The essence of sessions of laser skin rejuvenation
  2. 4 types of laser
  3. The pros and cons
  4. Indications and contraindications
  5. Carrying out of sessions (step by step)
  6. Caring for skin after laser
  7. Efficiency
  8. Question answer
  9. The likelihood of undesirable consequences
  10. Price range
  11. Reviews
  12. Expert opinion
 laser facial rejuvenation before and after

Laser facial rejuvenation: what is it? What lies behind this method, which helps women to realize the natural desire to have as long as possible young and well-groomed skin of the face?

This is a hardware method, which is based on the start natural mechanism of renewal and growth of cells. Method recently widely used in cosmetology. However, the obtained results are applied to this technology and attract new customers in beauty salons.


Laser peel is considered to be one of the most effective ways in which the skin becomes noticeably younger. The methodology of the special effects on the skin with a laser beam.

It passes through the skin to a depth of 1 mm, destroying the old cells. In the end, instead of the problematic formation of new tissues.

Laser youthfulness through these types:

  • laser resurfacing;
  • laser biorevitalization;
  • the fractional impact.

The laser resurfacing is considered less harmful relative to other methods for rejuvenation.


It is even possible to carry out at home. However, for this you need to purchase a device that meets the sessions. The device is not cheap.

The procedure biorevitalization involves the treatment of the skin via a sapphire or erbium laser device. During the treatment the superficial layer of the epidermis is burned by short laser bursts. This method is characterized by rigidity of actions on the skin.

When fractional rejuvenation (different technology called Fraxel, fractional laser peeling, DOT, nano-perforation) on the face works a laser beam is divided into beams.

They are placed on the epidermis like a kind of grid. Between the mesh elements are intact cells that affect the acceleration of collagen and elastin. Therefore, after the procedure skin recovery is quick.

What method to choose to return the former beauty of the skin, will help to consult with a specialist.


 types of lasers

There are the following types of lasers:

  1. Carbon dioxide. The CO2 laser is a powerful beam of greatest intensity. In addition, it also is the most affordable. He is able to provoke the activation of collagen and elastin. Laser combats wrinkles, scars, pigmentation.
  2. Erbium. This laser does not penetrate as deep as the previous version, but it is more accurate. This laser is often inclined with dark skin. He struggles with initial stages of aging.
  3. Fraxel. This laser is considered to be an important part of fractional photothermolysis. The doctor can pick up the depth of impact.
  4. The diode laser. This is a modern version of non-ablative laser treatments, which heat the deeper layers of the skin, so there is an active rejuvenation.


Stand out benefits in the form of:

  • efficiency, because the method is based on a thorough effect on the skin;
  • versatility, as the procedure is suitable for all types of skin;
  • security, because reduced to a minimum the risk of the skin Hypo - and hyperpigmentation.
 example effect

Among the advantages after the laser resurfacing are also noted:

  • minimum injury to the skin;
  • a fairly quick restoration of the skin;
  • valid processing significant parts of one unit of the manipulation;
  • the painless way.

The disadvantages of laser resurfacing include individual intolerance of procedure due to the force of impact on the skin. In addition, this method cost is included in the number of expensive methods. So not all can use.

Before applying for a manipulation laser should weigh the pros and ;against.


Note that for the method using laser is resorted to if other, more soft technology is not so effective. Laser rejuvenation is a drastic method of updating forms, including age.

For laser sessions in a salon you can contact if there are specific problems.


  • wrinkles in the nose area, lips, and eyes;
  • changes in facial features;
  • pigmentation;
  • acne rash, acne;
  • demodicosis.
 a session of rejuvenating laser

A professional beautician will recommend rejuvenation laser courses of those whose skin problem will be eliminated only in this way.

He will talk about the pros and cons of the procedure before and after. In the case of alternatives, the specialist will advise the other, softer methods.

For some time, you should postpone the visit to the beauty salon, pregnant with the face of inflammatory foci and patients with atopic dermatitis in the acute stage of the disease.

It is also forbidden to have recourse to the influence of a laser beam immediately after the application of a chemical peel. Contact laser rejuvenation in this case after 2 weeks.

Should completely abandon laser procedures to patients with psoriasis, epilepsy and those who have a diagnosed malignant tumor.


To prepare for laser rejuvenation is easy the customer itself. To conduct sessions in Omsk, Moscow and other cities should not engage in the cleansing of the face, to tanning.

In the summer before going outside to use the cream that protects from ultraviolet radiation.

Shortly before the procedure (usually 2-4 days), you need to abandon the makeup, to the appointed manipulation for day face shone natural purity.

The session of rejuvenating laser passes in this order:

  1. Specialist cleanses the skin on the face scrubs and substances for exfoliation. Next is shallow anesthesia by applying an anesthetic composition. So during the session will be felt only a slight tingling.
  2. Then the professional proceeds to work the laser, which consistently affects the facial area. During the session, you can receive treatment as whole face and its individual parts. But the best option will be the 1 manipulation for rejuvenation of the face, neck and neckline.
  3. Following this, the master applies to the treated areas softening solution, and explain to the client how to care for the skin. It is recommended to adhere to the advice of a beautician, then the epidermis will recover quickly, and maximum results can be seen, literally, on the face.

1, the manipulation should last about 1 hour. But all depends on the size of skin areas, which is processed by the laser.

The larger the area treated areas of the skin, the more time they will require for the procedure.


 skin care

After each session, skin should be able to take care of. At this time in its cells aktiviziruyutsya recovery processes. And so they passed in a given mode, you need to follow the simple rules.

For 2 weeks do not forget about the application of moisturizers and creams with hyaluronic acid, masks on the basis of hyaluronate.

To apply cosmetics to the face are permissible in a day, but it must be different light and non-greasy composition. But on scrubs and peelings forget, while the epidermis will not return to its natural color.

From the appearance of hyperpigmentation protects the creams from the sun's rays they are mandatory, especially because after the procedure the skin vulnerable to UV light. You will need a cream with sun protection SPF 30 or more.

Will help speed up the recovery process after laser surgery, the use of vitamins strengthening effect, washing with boiled and treated with ozone water, walking in the fresh air.

Proper care of skin after laser resurfacing will help to maintain the positive results obtained from this procedure.



Positive results with laser resurfacing can be achieved in a variety of. Sessions help:

  • visually become younger by a few years;
  • become smoother skin on the face irrespective of skin condition;
  • decrease striae;
  • to improve the structure and color of the skin;
  • narrow pores of the epidermis;
  • to clean the skin from dirt;
  • remove hyperpigmentation of the dermis;
  • smooth the scars acquired after injuries and surgical interventions;
  • fade effects acne, vascular grid;
  • to correct the face oval;
  • to get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

All methods of laser resurfacing, allow the skin to regain radiance and Shine. The skin after the session with the laser returns of the former elasticity and glow. Existing flaws in the dermis, or disappear entirely, or become barely noticeable.

Positive results become clearly visible after a few days after the 1st session. But the really impressive effect can be achieved after a course of laser impact on the skin. How much and what kind of manipulations will need a specific customer, set forth by the beautician.

Typically, following a session held after 1-2 months. The total number of treatments is 3-4.

There is also a sufficient holding 1-2 manipulations per year. They help to preserve skin elasticity and reduce facial wrinkles.

If concerned about age-related variance on the face, then prophylactic valid one-time laser resurfacing with gentle settings.


  • What better to bow: chemical peeling or laser rejuvenation?
  • What is the difference between ablative and non-ablative method?
  • What laser devices have gained the most popularity?


The most common problem that occurs after the laser treatments are skin irritation and fluid accumulation. The second day marked visible swelling of the face.

But this should not disturb the patients: natural adverse consequences disappear after 3-7 days. Then perhaps the onset of signs of flaking.

To speed up the recovery process (without excluding the use of moisturizers and creams with hyaluronic acid) keeps the drugs with regenerating reagent dexpanthenol and water from a thermal spring.

Among the complications may meet:

  • the growth of the herpes disease in 80% of episodes returns its lost positions at the end of the exposure laser on the skin;
  • dizziness and headache so the body may react to anesthesia and to maintain such reflexes in a few days.

However, consultation with a specialist will help to avoid such complications.


The cost of 1 session is in direct proportion to the volume of the skin intended for treatment. The average price of one treatment is 20 thousand rubles., it varies between 10 thousand to 30 thousand RUB.

Lower price item refers to the peeling of the face. Cash equivalent increased value in the named range relates to the simultaneous operation of the laser on the face, neck and decollete.

Laser rejuvenation is a pleasure not cheap!



When discussing the results patients of beauty guided by the reviews about getting laser resurfacing.


I, too, am glad your face after fractional resurfacing, although of the 3 procedures was only 2.Already got rid of the wrinkles, the skin became elastic, happy and fresh complexion. Counting on the result of consolidation after the 3rd manipulation.

Despite the fact that the cost of laser is high, I'm not spent to Finance this procedure


As I turned to the experts for laser treatment method DOT, it took me a course of 3 sessions. The result is stunning! The complexion has improved, became smoother. Wrinkles as if it was not, and my skin has leveled off after acne. Suggest!


And I am in awe of fractional rejuvenation. However, some pain had. The procedure was painful, but bearable. The person was sick for about 3 hours and by the evening there was swelling.

Even 3 days later came the crust, which disappeared after 5-6 days. But a week later it was time to admire the result. The skin is tender, like a baby's, and the wrinkles disappeared somewhere