1. 5 types of facial rejuvenation laser
  2. Cosmetic products (TOP 3)
  3. Finished cosmetics (2 popular tools)
  4. Mask in the struggle for the extension of youth
  5. Pharmacy remedies for facial rejuvenation
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 facial rejuvenation

Before engaging in treatments of facial rejuvenation in a salon or at home, should assess the condition of the skin. With age the generation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin tissue it slows down. And the face gradually aging.

But we should not give up and to put up with the wilting skin, as today, there are many techniques that will help to slow the aging process, make skin more young.

And it's not necessary to go under the knife or go on a cosmetic procedure, for example, mesotherapy, biorevitalization. There are other options. Let's understand them.


Due to hardware cosmetology, which includes laser resurfacing of the face, smoothes shallow wrinkles, skin regains freshness, elasticity, solid color, becomes clearer the contour of the face.

There are the following types of impact of the laser on the skin surface.

  1. Fractional ablative. He removes localized defects. This is due to the fact that the cells in the tissues of the different zones respawn at exactly the same speed. So and used a special spot-beam.
  2. Laser biorevitalization. Removes way without operation deep scars and wrinkles, affecting the short pulses. The stimulation of cell division, the skin's layers, increasing the generation of collagen.
  3. Nne-ablative method. It is based on the work of the long laser beams. The event is held in patients with the skin surface rashes, scars, marks of contact of the dermis with chemicals.
  4. Laser resurfacing. It is a sapphire or erbium beam tightens the skin of the face, improves face oval, removes wrinkles, acne.
  5. Photos or partial rejuvenation of the face. It gives elasticity and tone the skin.

Not all risk rejuvenate the face hardware ways. And the prices for treatments are not so budget. Much like the home manipulation.


 hardware cosmetology

Keep or return the young person at home for 2 days and get a stunning effect called cosmetic brands.

From face creams that tighten skin, it is necessary to highlight those that are most popular not only among women but also men:

  • Aveeno Positively Ageless Lifting Firming Eye Cream (USA). It is characterized by the content of natural components, antioxidant and firming functions. Fixes problems in the eye area.
  • Instantly Ageless (USA). 2 minutes tightens skin on the face.
  • Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Creme (Italy). Rejuvenates skin of the face due to the skin firming effect, moisturizes and nourishes it with nutrients.

The effect is manifested in day-to-day use of selected tools after a couple of days. In 1-1,5 weeks face becomes visually younger. But radical transformation from them should not wait.


Relatively fast results of facial rejuvenation at home is achieved by using Collamask and Bonatox of wrinkles. What is this means? They have the following features:

  1. Collamask (Japan) making younger face cream mask. In components: collagen, essential oil of palmarosa, a betaine, a set of amino acids. The use of the cream helps prevent aging of the skin and to smooth facial tone, wrinkles.
  2. Bonatox (Russia) anti-wrinkle serum containing active ingredients in the form of melatonin, Wild Yam, coenzyme Q10, natural proteins, vitamin E, and vegetable and synthetic ingredients. Serum is superimposed on a clean face and is not less than 28 days. The face becomes young due to the regeneration of the skin, enhance collagen production, and acquisition of skin elasticity and a more youthful oval.



These home remedies will help to get the rejuvenating effect of aged 50+.

  • Carrots, cooked until half of the steam way, chop on a grater with small nests. To enter in a lot of olive oil, honey, lemon juice and oat flour (1 tbsp). Similar to the cream composition is superimposed on the face for 10-15 minutes, rinse with water warm. Moisture is removed with a towel, then face smeared with a nourishing cream. The mask recommended for use once a week.
  • Mask based on clay will prevent further aging of the skin. It is 2 tablespoons of kaolin, a quarter Cup of sour cream, foamed protein eggs, a teaspoon of mustard, liquid honey, 2 ounces of aloe juice. Aged tool on face 15 min.
  • Mask of gelatin face find for rejuvenating the event at the stretched skin. Diluted food gelatin in 1 tablespoons of tea in 100 ml of warm milk/cream. The mixture is placed for 6 hours in the refrigerator. After the mixture of gelatin and milk poured 1 teaspoon of olive oil, liquid honey and light wine. The mask is superimposed on the clean face for half an hour. Frequency twice a week in the continuation of 2 months. Then do a pause of 30 days.

Enhance the effectiveness of the manipulation of the masks and to achieve skin rejuvenation over two weeks in the apartment/house will allow therapy juice fasting.

You need 3 days in the morning to drink fresh fruit juices they remove toxins. Day and night you should drink vegetable juices, which help to restore the cleaning processes. Hunger during this time is reduced nuts, almonds, beans, lentils.

After 3 days disappear swelling from the eyelids and under-eye circles, acquires precise contours of the chin and skin elasticity. As a consequence, improves mood.



Rejuvenate the skin surface, give a person the freshness of able drugs. Their cost is low for a purse, and the result will be no less impressive than when using the promoted cosmetics.

A similar tool is perfect for people aged 50-60 years. Selection of drugs is carried out with respect to skin type and desired result.

  1. Unguentum Heparini as a strong anticoagulant effect on acceleration of blood flow in the subcutaneous cells. The use of ointment will help to get rid of the accumulation of fluid, capillary veins.
  2. Solcoseryl gel is endowed with a similar effect and allows to obtain a good anti-aging effect.
  3. Lioton is used as a mask/makeup base. Gel affects the smoothing of wrinkles and create a clear facial contour.

5 popular tools

Able to saturate the skin with nourishing ingredients to rejuvenate and face the next 5 pharmaceutical drugs:

  • retinoic ointment artificial vitamin a immediately absorbed by the skin cells, reduces inflammation. Analogue is Videstim ointment;
  • retinol acetate is a capsule version of vitamin A. For application to the face is pierced by a wafer of gelatin is squeezed out of the item and its oily contents;
  • retinol palmitate liquid form of retinol acetate. The agent is added to daily used creams or produced in the state is applied to the dermis;
  • fish oil contains unsaturated fatty acids -3. It is produced in capsules with the addition of vitamin E or oil condition, and is used to treat skin;
  • tocopherol acetate is vitamin E. Topically is more convenient to use oil solution. The drug accelerates the metabolism, enhances tissue regeneration, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Represented oil products with vitamins A and E reconstitute the lipid layer and prevent loss of moisture.

 popular products

Another effective cosmetics

Moisture the skin surface, it is easy to get drugs from the pharmacy to achieve a youthful face with the inclusion of vitamin F. they include cream L(semi - oily), ointment 911.

Someone who prefers to deal with procedures of facial rejuvenation at home, will help oxygen cosmetics. It will provide the skin lacking oxygen and prevent early skin aging.

This makeup contains respective ingredients aquaftem, Perftoranum, coenzymes, other. It is available in form of creams and serums.

To achieve the accelerated rejuvenating effect and possibly the use of ampoules with solutions that saturate the skin with oxygen. Use their courses several a year.


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  • What cosmetic anti-aging treatments are popular?
  • Heard of anti-aging properties hirudotherapies. Is this true?


These drugs clearly smooth out wrinkles and make the face younger.

  1. Bluefroger includes hyaluronic acid, aloe juice and glycerin. Gel lubricated by the eyelids, facial wrinkles.
  2. Taufon and Taurine eye drops. If they wipe the skin surface, the face becomes younger by stimulating rehabilitation, energy, metabolic processes in tissues. This contributes to the substance taurine.
  3. Panthenol moisturizes the skin, smoothes wrinkles.
  4. Relief ointment is composed of fat shark. He is the source of saturation of skin cells with vitamins and nourishing ingredients, promoting tissue regeneration. Thus, removed wrinkles, back youth and beauty to the face.
  5. Includes Curiosin hyaluronic acid, whose properties are used for salon rejuvenating activities such as biorevitalization.

Drugs applied to the skin morning and evening on clean face and leave to absorbed.

Drops Hilak Forte with lactic acid in the composition is replaced cabin peeling. Them pour in in not causing Allergy cream, keeping the ratio of 10 drops:30 ml of cream.

Immediately fades pigmentation, wrinkles are less pronounced, set a uniform skin tone.


The procedure is included in the comprehensive care of the skin surface. For the preparation of compositions used are simple and budget recipes.

 non-traditional means
  • From grated cucumber without skin squeezed juice. Of cereals Hercules with a grinder or a blender, preparing a meal. A tea spoon of oat flour and sea salt fine grinding are mixed with the juice from the cucumber. The scrub is ready.
  • Mix equal amounts of coffee and flour and rice, should be diluted with 1% kefir.
  • A handful of cranberries, break up, connect with a few ml of oil of almond and powdered flakes oatmeal, add sugar, a few drops of ether tangerine/orange.

The procedures for cleaning start after originally processed over the steam of the dermis. Bath suit on the basis of decoctions of chamomile, sage or mint.



When there is deep furrows and wrinkled skin on my chin has acquired a stretched view, the face lost shape.

And the husband on my birthday gave the session a partial rejuvenation in the cabin, after which I was younger. Now it is a pleasure to look at myself in the mirror, the face radiates freshness.


I'm skeptical of the opinions on wrinkle creams. Injections afraid, and on expensive salon treatments don't have enough money.

But read online reviews about the serum Bonatox. Obtained through ordering tool was applied 2 times a day.

After 10-14 days the wrinkles in the eye area and forehead stopped, as before, to stand out. The skin soft, supple and silky.


I decided to try a collagen mask, which is called Collmask. And after 3 one-time use observed effect

Wrinkles less visible. The result from the mask is incomparable cooked at home.


Tried the expensive cost of the creams, and rejuvenating salon treatment in the form of injections of Botox, but the resulting effect after a while left.

Decided to move on to the homemade mask with gelatin. The result shocked as the skin became more youthful and toned. But alternate mask manipulation in the cabin.