Secrets of rejuvenation from the Tibetan healers

the secrets of rejuvenation

Over time, none of us are getting any younger.

Polluted environment and unhealthy lifestyle has a negative impact on health and life expectancy.

In fact, the body is programmed to update continuously. The cells of our body are constantly dividing.

It is known that the skin completely renews itself every 5 days. And the skeleton goes through a cycle of updates for 90 days.

Applying the secrets of rejuvenation, you will still be able to enjoy the health and beauty.

Purification of body and mind

One of the secrets is cleansing the body.

The removal of toxins is the key to a healthy life. Overall health and the health of the skin depends on the condition of the intestine.

In order to conduct a thorough cleaning, follow these commandments:

  • Eliminate from your diet all fatty meals, the processing of which the body has to expend huge amounts of energy. Give at least 3 days a week from eggs, meat and even cereals. And limit starchy and spicy products.
  • Less sweet and more clean water. Remember this Golden rule as the person on 80% consists of water, it is very important to drink about 2 liters to replenish its stocks and to feel cheerful. But the coffee leaches water from the body. It is better to replace herbal drink chamomile or lemon balm.
  • Mentally disconnect from the problems and misery of the current day. Because thoughts are poisoning us the joy of existence. Along with free radicals and decomposition products our body is bombarded by harmful thoughts. Learn how to spend 5 minutes a day meditating. You will become calmer and happier. And your body will glow from the inside. During meditation tune in to the rejuvenation. The body is able to fulfill the brain program.

Harmful factors

Refrain from all that is harmful and hard to reduce the possibilities of your barrier:

  • lack of sleep or excess. Need to sleep 8-9 hours. It is biologically essential for recovery and restart of the body;
  • Smoking and alcohol. Bad habits refuse flatly. Beauty and velvety skin is incompatible with these enemies of health.
  • charging and Hiking. Make it a rule every day Hiking. The body most of the day locked either in the apartment or in the office. And he really did not have enough fresh air. From lack of oxygen, the person becomes listless and joyless.
secrets of rejuvenation folk remedies

Secrets of rejuvenation folk remedies

In the Arsenal of nature there are many plants that can help to halt the aging process.

Here are some of the most useful and tested recipes from the gifts of nature that you can use at home.

Thus were created the ancient elixir of youth.

  1. You will need finely chop the garlic, squeeze the juice of 10 lemons and mix the drink with a liter of honey. It should stand a week in a dark place. Taken for 1 month strictly on an empty stomach for 4 tablespoons.
  2. Take 400 grams of such products: horseradish, honey, garlic. Still need the roots of celery – 4 lbs. All components of mince and keep 12 hours in the heat. Three more days keep the mixture cool and squeeze out her juice. The juice is allowed to drink before eating 3 teaspoons.
  3. The infusion of mountain ash and wild rose also has a rejuvenating effect. Harvested dry rose hips and Rowan are ground in equal proportions. The infusion should be brewed and then diluted with boiled water. Is 1 teaspoon per 250 ml of boiling water.
  4. The juice of a lemon. If you drink it diluted with water for two weeks — this will be the perfect tool for cleaning and toning. To divorce the lemon juice in the ratio 2:3.

What about recipes from a Tibetan sages?

There is a lovely Tibetan recipe, which strengthens blood vessels and makes them more elastic.

At the same time normalizes the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates that the body worked like clockwork and not filled with products of decomposition of complex proteins.

the secret of rejuvenation Tibetan sages
  • Find in the field or buy at the pharmacy the following herbs: chamomile, Helichrysum arenarium, Hypericum and birch buds.
  • Grind all the herbs necessary, as small as possible. In a coffee grinder.
  • Then 1 tablespoon of herb mixture pour boiling water – 0, 5 liters.
  • Once the broth configure themselves for half an hour, strain it through a thick cloth.

Drink the decoction is recommended with honey at night, because after him to eat. Or you can drink warm infusion for 15 minutes before eating is also necessarily with honey. One teaspoon of honey in a glass.

This course is conducted no more frequently than every 5 years.

As you can see, the procedure of resurfacing can be performed at home and look like just out of the salon.

Our body is able to live longer than 100 years.

With the right mood and a healthy lifestyle to look young to the very elderly is possible.