Fractional rejuvenation: the essence of the procedure, recommendations and contraindications

 fractional rejuvenation

Eventually every woman begins to think about how to keep their youth and beauty for a long time. Gradually emerging of small and large wrinkles spoil the mood every time a look in the mirror. Previously, those who wanted to regain visual appeal and to halt aging, there was no other choice than the surgeon's knife.

Modern cosmetology can offer a large number of safe and effective ways to preserve youth, one of which is the procedure fractional laser skin rejuvenation.

Table of contents:

  1. fractional rejuvenation: what is it?
  2. The types of fractional rejuvenation
  3. The effect of the treatments fractional rejuvenation
  4. Indications and contraindications
  5. The nuances of the procedure
  6. Preparations for the fractional thermal lifting
  7. Rehabilitation after the procedure after the procedure, fractional rejuvenation

ractional rejuvenation: WHAT IS IT?

fractional laser skin rejuvenation of the face on the principle of action is most similar to laser resurfacing, however, the first method is more efficient and has a long persistence of the result. It is important Because the process uses high-precision laser beam, to carry out the procedure should only specialist.

The essence of the process consists in exposing to the skin a special apparatus, equipped with a nozzle with photoelectric cells. This design provides deep and effective penetration of the laser beam under the upper layers of the epidermis. While the deeper tissues not exposed to and to heat, and therefore can not be injured.

 the essence of the process

The temperature of the laser used for fractional rejuvenation, is significantly higher than that used for simple grinding or removal of scars and postacne. So driving such a device in the face very quickly to avoid burns. Aggressive heating effect contributes to a significant acceleration of exchange processes, stimulates skin regeneration, fibroblasts secretion of collagen and elastin substances, which are the building material for new cells of the epidermis and is responsible for the elasticity, smoothness and healthy color of the skin. Intense circulation of blood and lymph under the skin, which is achieved by the action of the laser promotes the formation of a powerful firming effect, leaving the skin smoothed, and skin turgor acquires greatly increased power.

The facelift without surgery, using only the laser, helps to eliminate small imperfections on the skin to clean out rosacea and smooth the surface, if it has scars, that is ensured by additional grinding and cleaning effect.

Too deep wrinkles, scars, and old dense scars cannot be eliminated only with the help of fractional laser, this will require additional exposure to other ways of solving problems.


There are several devices for the procedure fractional laser effects on the upper layers of the epidermis. They are chosen directly by the specialist, depending on several factors:

 the types of fractional rejuvenation
  • the severity of the problem;
  • skin type of the patient; age;
  • individual tolerance and the presence of chronic pathologies.

Also, the beautician will choose in each particular clinical case, one of two methods of partial steps:

  • ablative photothermolysis. It is used for removal of surface microscopic areas of the skin. In this case, the penetration depth of the laser is 1.5 mm. Its effect is to stimulate the metabolism and accelerate the tension of the skin.
  • non-ablative photothermolysis. The laser beam in this method penetrates much deeper in some cases to a distance of 5 mm. It is used for intensive regeneration of the deeper layers of the skin.

When choosing a comprehensive treatment cosmetologist will in turn, through the session, to use one or the other method. This contributes to a more rapid consolidation of the result and preserve it for a long time. A large amount of feedback received from clients of cosmetic clinics, said the high efficiency of the procedure and fast maximum effect.

After one session, after recovering, you notice an even skin tone, a significant increase in its elasticity, restoring the clean lines of the cheeks and chin. Unable to completely fade fine facial wrinkles, crow's feet around the eyes will become less noticeable nasolabial folds. In order to effect entrenched, it is necessary to undergo the course. To lie on the table a cosmetologist for fractional rejuvenation of face 1 time per month.

The full course is about 7 treatments, lasting 25-30 minutes, depending on the method chosen, the treatment area and the specific clinical case.


`  the effect of the procedure

In order to verify the effectiveness of the method is enough to read the reviews about it on the websites of cosmetic clinics. Fractional RF-lifting, carried out by a certified specialist with the help of quality staff and materials, helps to achieve the following results:

  • getting rid of scars, visible vascular patterns on the skin of the face;
  • a significant narrowing of the pores;
  • the decrease in the intensity of pigment in the upper layer of the skin;
  • tightening the stretched areas on the face, restore the skin turgor;
  • wrinkles; eliminate red stretch marks;
  • significant improvement in the color of the skin,
  • restoring a healthy, blooming appearance.

The effect will be more pronounced and long after the procedure and before her carefully follow your doctor's instructions. It is best to partially rejuvenating to find time in winter or autumn, when the sun's rays aren't as active and will not be able to damage and so entered in the stress state of the upper layers of the skin.


fractional rejuvenatione has a standard set of indications in which it is always recommended an expert cosmetologist:

  • small spider veins;
  • red striae;
  • the loss of tone of skin; skin laxity and sagging of certain parts of the face; small and medium depth wrinkles;
  • scars and postacne;
  • the pronounced porosity of the skin;
  • uneven terrain and complexion;
  • various pigment spots.

However, the procedure is an aggressive exposure to a powerful laser beam, and therefore has some contraindications:

  • tumors of any origin;
  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • fresh tan;
  • severe acne;
  • diabetes; skin lesions and acute inflammatory infection; autoimmune disease in any stage;
  • dermatological disease;
  • pathology triggered by the virus;
  • epilepsy.

Each case is considered individually by the doctor. If there is a high risk of negative side effects doctor will offer customers a more streamlined method of rejuvenation is fractional RF lifting rejuvenation.


 the nuances of the procedure

Despite the high efficiency fractional rejuvenation, medical specialists required to warn their patients about the following nuances fractional RF lifting:

  • not all the wrinkles and scars may fade after even all of the prescribed sessions of the procedure. The epidermis can age to become as productive and elastic to smooth deep wrinkles and sagging;
  • to address some of the problems of the upper layers of the skin may require repeat session only 6 months after the last;
  • the period of rehabilitation after a fairly long session about 2 weeks. All this time the top layer of the skin is unprotected and extremely vulnerable, so it is advisable to protect it from various harmful effects of internal and external environment.

You will need to sit on a special diet that provides recovery functions of the skin and providing it with the necessary vitamins and minerals. In addition to the whole rehabilitation period will need to abandon the makeup and the usual means to care and treat the skin only means for healing and lotions prescribed by a doctor.

  • the procedure is quite painful, treatment means to relieve pain, as a rule, little helps. The height of the threshold of sensitivity when handling hot laser is irrelevant sensations are extremely unpleasant;
  • if the skin is inflammation, damage, abrasions, open wounds, pimples appearing bright procedure fractional RF-lifting is impossible.


Special preparation for the procedure fractional rejuvenation of the face is gentle against the skin for a couple of weeks before the procedure. It is best not to use decorative cosmetics, alcohol-based detergents and lotions and tonics with soap components of a cleansing.

It is prohibited to use inside and outside of products that contain antibiotics. If during this time managed to receive the pathology, the treatment of which without these drugs is not possible, the procedure rejuvenation, RF-lifting will have to reschedule. Before treatment, the aesthetician thoroughly cleanses the skin by special means, causes the lotion to help get rid of the pain. After absorption takes place directly procedure.


 rehabilitation after the procedure

Doctors warn that after the procedure your face will be very hurt, will be a significant discomfort, despite the use of various anesthetic agents. After 3 hours, you may receive severe redness and swelling is a normal physiological response to aggressive thermal effects.

Will be especially noticeable swelling around the eyes and nose. In order to reduce swelling and expedite the recovery process, it is recommended to eat less salt and for the first day limit yourself to fluid intake. On the second day the skin will allocate plenty of ichor, which will lead to the formation of a dense crust on the upper layer of the epidermis.

To touch her is strictly prohibited. Over time it will fade and drift away herself. You can consult a specialist on the further use hydrating masks with hyaluronic acid, that help the skin to recover much faster. Do not neglect the advice of a doctor, especially those that relate to the modes of the day and the use of revitalizing creams and lotions. Wash within 2 weeks after the procedure should only be boiled water, and after regular ozone therapy. As long as the upper layers of skin will not come in a healthy condition and does not acquire the normal color hold different types of peels and cleaning is strictly forbidden.

To the regeneration process is not delayed, you need to drink more vitamins to protect the skin from exposure to direct sunlight and daily applied to her healing cream and ointment. This will not only help to get quick relief from the discomfort and shortening the period of rehabilitation, but also contribute to the pinning effect of a long time. The closer the departure the better, fresher and better looks the skin after the procedure.