Young face after 50-60 years — without surgery!

To look, in 30 you should start to look after themselves. And to achieve face rejuvenation after 50 years without plastic surgery, all procedures should be done regularly. Some home remedies to postpone aging is difficult, so you should combine them with periodical visits to beauty salon.

Changes the skin women after 50 and 60 years

50 for most women, menopause occurs. This means the body produces fewer female hormones estrogens, which supported the immune system, the youth and the work of all internal organs.

The lack of estrogen affects the condition of the enzyme digestion, the absorption of nutrients. And it further affects the metabolism. Metabolic disorders lead to the formation of atherosclerotic changes in the vessels and disorders of blood circulation, including in the skin. Skin cells are in dire need of oxygen and nutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Because of violations of metabolism in the cells of the connective tissue reduces the production of the proteins providing the elasticity and firmness of tissues. In the inter-cellular space decreases the amount of hyaluronic acid, which attracts water, preventing the aging of the skin. Dehydrated cells of the epidermis (superficial skin layer) die, forming on the surface a dense crust, impermeable inside skin nutrients.

Skin is suffocating under a layer of dead cells, so any beauty treatments in the salon starts with the removal of this layer various kinds of purification. And only after that are the main (basic) method of recovery.


General principles of facial care in middle and old age

A person may not separate aging from the body. Aging is a process that affects the entire body. Therefore, in order to prevent aging, to keep youth, you need to change the way of life:

  • Correctly to eat regularly. After 50 it should be several to reduce the quantity consumed per day of calories. This is because the metabolism is reduced and all the excess calories stored as fat reserves. The quality of food shouldn't suffer: you need to eat more vegetables, fruits, cheese, dairy products. Meat is not oily varieties of fish can be used as a low-fat, and fat (prevention of atherosclerosis). Eliminate or use sparingly sweets, pastries, fried and fatty meals. If there are no contraindications, drink up to 1.5 liters of fluid per day.
  • Move more, walk, do sports.
  • To sleep. Night sleep should last at least 8 hours;
  • To avoid long-term stress and heavy loads.
  • To harden: lowered immunity increases the risk of developing chronic inflammatory diseases, which, in turn, will accelerate the aging process.
  • To get rid of bad habits – Smoking and alcohol abuse, which have a negative impact on a woman's appearance.

How to properly care for the skin:

  • moisture; to wash you in the morning and evening of the purified or melted water in the morning to wash without soap, in the evening (through the day) to use a special facial wash with a mark of 50+;
  • instead of washing a skin can be cleaned with a lotion without alcohol;
  • protection: before you leave home to apply a day cream with fotozashchitnymi properties; to protect the face from adverse weather impacts;
  • once a week cleansing to carry out manipulations with the help of special masks or scrubs; removal of dead layer of epithelium makes the skin younger, fresher and more receptive to the absorption of nutrients;
  • anti-aging treatments for the face at 60 years of age must execute daily exercises and elements of self-massage;
  • in the care of women use hormonal creams (containing estrogen and progesterone), as well as masks from natural products and cosmetics labelled 50+;
  • regularly visit the beauty parlor.

Without surgical methods of rejuvenation

Most women want to look good and 50 and 60, but not all are ready to resort to plastic surgery. And it is not necessary as beauty salons offer a variety of rejuvenating therapeutic techniques. In their regular use of the operation is not required. All modern methods of rejuvenation are divided into injection, hardware and cosmetic. Are also used different types of gymnastics and massage.

Injection techniques

Beauty injections – the most popular procedures, including facial rejuvenation after 60 years without surgery. Injection methods can be applied for only the symptoms of aging, and severe wrinkles. These techniques are contraindicated in the following conditions:

  • disorders of blood coagulation, including in patients receiving various drugs (risk of bleeding);
  • cancer (injection can cause progression of the disease);
  • the elements of rash, violation of skin integrity at the site of the alleged exposure;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of injected drugs.

There are the following injection methods of rejuvenation:

  • mesotherapy – the introduction of nutrients in very small doses in the form of various cocktails directly to problem areas; is performed by multiple micro-injections; treatment involves several sessions with an interval prescribed by a doctor; then there are courses supportive treatment; the effect of rejuvenation can be seen immediately, but it is long-lasting and stable;
  • microinjections of hyaluronic acid – a form of mesotherapy called biorevitalizatsii; the most popular type of correction, as the effect is already visible with the first session; repeat the treatment every 3 to 4 weeks;
  • contour – alignment circuit special gel is filler based on hyaluronic acid; fillers are injected into problem areas, correcting the oval, highlighting the cheekbones, etc.; sometimes contouring is performed using the patient's fat taken from other parts of the body;
  • Botox injection in facial muscles injected botulinum toxin that paralyzes facial muscles; muscle stops moving, it is not formed wrinkles; lasts 3 to 4 months;
  • injection of ozone and liquid ozone-oxygen mixture is injected directly into problem areas; as ozone is a powerful antioxidant and blocks the activity of toxic free radicals, improves the metabolism; in the course will require 6 to 10 sessions with an interval of 1 - 2 days;
  • tuck the strands under the skin with a special flexible needles are inserted absorbable or not absorbable threads, which support tissue, not allowing them to fall; approximately six months later, the threads go, but by the time around them are connective tissue strands that hold the fabric in position; the face is smoothed, restored the right of the oval; the effect lasts up to 1.5 – 2 years old; absorbable sutures are rarely used today, mostly for tightening tissue in the chin area.

Hardware methods

Cosmetology involves a variety of treatments using medical equipment. Modern methods aimed at cleansing the skin from dead skin cells, stimulation of blood circulation and metabolism in cells. The technique is contraindicated:

  • in the presence of the skin lesions;
  • if the patient is present in a pacemaker or metal implants;
  • with cancer;
  • in all acute diseases chronic diseases;
  • in severe liver and kidney dysfunction of these organs;
  • in diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • in the presence of keloids.

Hardware to modern methods in cosmetology for rejuvenating individuals 50-60 years include:

  1. Elos-rejuvenation (Electro-Optical Synergy) is a skin simultaneously light beams (laser) and current. Light rays create changes in temperature and prepare the surface for the electric current. All this leads to the destruction of damaged cells, and to stimulate metabolic processes, the formation of the elastic protein collagen and elastic cells in the connective tissue. 2 — 3 weeks before treatment, you need to use sunscreen, avoid heat treatments and any irritants. Sessions are held once a month, there should be no more than 4.
  2. Laser resurfacing – using laser to remove the top superficial layer of dead cells. Located underneath the living cells gain access to oxygen and nutritive substances contained in the composition of cosmetic products (masks, creams). After laser resurfacing increases firmness and elasticity of the skin, improves its color, small wrinkles are smoothed, deep-become less noticeable; laser can remove the dark spots.
  3. Fotolifting – the impact of high frequency pulsed light waves, which are different in length and penetrate to different depths. The middle layers of the skin is heated, stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin. In order not to overheat the surface layers and there was no burn, in the apparatus there is a cooling system. Throughout the course you will need 4 to 10 sessions. Effect – the skin of women becomes smooth, elastic, much younger.
  4. Radiolifting – warming of the middle and deep layers of the epidermis with high-frequency electric current. The stimulation of cells, including fibroblasts that produce elastin and collagen. Safe and very effective procedure, the results are visible almost immediately: the skin is improved, returns to her youth. Throughout the course you will need 4 – 5 treatments. The effect will last 1.5 – 2 years.

Beauty tools

Beauty tools is a outdoor tools for care. This section of cosmetology such as peeling, hydration, nutrition, toning skin etc. Is an effective procedure, some of which can only be carried out in a beauty clinic or salon, and some at home.

In a beauty clinic, you can spend a chemical peel, which will help to preserve youthfulness. This removal of the surface layers of the skin using acids. Chemical peeling can be superficial, medium and deep:

  1. superficial peeling "peeling of the weekend"; you can use fruit acids – glycolic, lactic, citric, etc.; from the surface of the skin and remove only the surface layer of dead cells; each acid has its own distinctive properties, so procedures are prescribed by taking into account characteristics of the patient's condition; after the procedure within days the redness and slight peeling, but the rejuvenating effect is visible immediately; after 50 years, one session is not enough to rejuvenate the epithelium, usually spend 5 – 6 sessions with intervals defined by a beautician;
  2. the average peeling using 30% trichloroacetic acid removed the entire Horny layer of the epithelium; the process lasts about a week – the skin is red, take care of her needs, strictly adhering to the recommendations of the doctor; but the effect of well-conducted middle of peeling excellent: epithelium brushes, small wrinkles disappear, deep wrinkles become less noticeable; well suited for effective face rejuvenation after 60 years without surgery;
  3. deep peeling is an even more profound effect; is carried out using phenol only in a hospital environment and with the use of anesthesia; this is a dangerous procedure, it is carried out very rarely, because under the action of acid is the burning of the tissue which the scars remain; but if the peeling was carried out correctly, eliminate even deep wrinkles and scars, returns youth.
hardware-in treatment

Anti-aging mask

Cosmetology has a large selection of cosmetic products in the form of masks, serums and creams. They have to be in range of rejuvenating treatments on women over the age of 50. Anti-aging Facials can be done in a salon and at home.

Homemade masks for face rejuvenation after 60 years without operations:

take 2.5 tablespoons of yeast, dilute with warm cream until the consistency of thick cream and apply on clean skin before sleep for half an hour; rinse with warm water; do mask every other day for one month.

Nourishing creams for women fifty and sixty years old must be chosen very carefully: they will allow you to keep youth. Their composition should be Vitamins E, D, C, retinoids, peptides, ceramides, and other bioactive substances. The cream should moisturize the skin, nourish it, encourage the production of collagen and elastin to prevent the appearance of age spots.

Pay attention to the principles of exercise and massage at the age of 50 - 60 years:

  • regularity;
  • hydration – before training needs to be applied to the skin natural oil, they are well moisturize;
  • the use of strength exercises, alternating them with exercises;
  • with proper exercise you may receive a burning sensation is normal;
  • perform the techniques of gymnastics and massage only on the recommendation of a cosmetologist.

To rejuvenate the skin of a person 50-60 years without surgery is a difficult task. Only a set of specially selected and regular procedures will allow to cope with it. Ideal for this purpose, a combination of procedures performed in cosmetic clinic and at home. Looking young today!