Hidden secrets of rejuvenation

the secrets of rejuvenation

It was used by Emperors and the rich of China. This teaching - rejuvenation has stood the test of time for two thousand years! Revealed the secret in 1983. This method of "Transformation of man into a baby"!!! When breathing, the emphasis is on the lower chakras, legs, gonads, kidneys, pituitary, hypothalamus. Over the past ten years have found that this type of breathing gives:

  1. youth, health, beauty
  2. strengthening sexual function
  3. the cure of diseases and longevity!!!

Especially treats male impotence, sagging vagina, prostate, frigidity, and even uterine cancer, weight loss etc. its Main task - to make the blood circulate through vessels and energy channels and meridians, and the sex glands in eternal youth. Now this is called rejuvenation technique N.About.To.M. and costs about 5 thousand dollars for ten hours of lessons and lectures, but believe me it's worth it. Although the full course can be purchased in Russia only about 10 thousand rubles, which is not different from the original.

Aging, if nothing is done, occurs very rapidly already since twelve years: in the first place begins to age the immune system, and behind her, and other organs, and by twenty-five years, global changes take place. It would seem that young people are already starting to age with each passing year, more and more, and after forty it is already becoming apparent. The muscle and skin flaccid the digestive system cannot cope with the load, the brain gradually begins to fade. We'll provide you with some interesting methods and go from the more simple to the more effective. And at the end of this article will tell you about the amazing method.

Li Ching-Yuen

In this photo the man who lived 256 years, according to Chinese news Agency, he was born in 1677. Most of his life he spent in the mountains and gathered herbs and learned the secrets of longevity. He died in 1933 at the age of 256 years.

According to one of the students, one night, he met with a man who was more than 500 years. He taught him breathing exercises and gave some dietary advice that could help it extend its life to superhuman terms.

Sucking vegetable oil

This method of rejuvenation and deliverance from disease came to us from Tibet and refers to secret methods of the cunning man. In the result of sucking oil the whole body gets rid of toxins, activates the endocrine system and protective properties of the organism. We have in its archives the most complete description of this process, it consists of three methods which need to be performed simultaneously. Type in your mouth vegetable sunflower oil for about a SIP so that during the sucking it does not flowed from his mouth, and suck focus on the language, or rather, at the tip. And mentally repeat: "om Benz cato hung" is the mantra that bestows the cleansing. You don't have to think about how it works, the main thing - focus on the tip of my tongue. The suckling reflex in some extraordinary method to bypass the mind, gives the brain a signal that you are a baby, and throughout the body starts the process of rejuvenation. This amazing property is shown why-that only with the sucking of vegetable oil. After ten minutes your oil is liquid you will notice that its density is decreased, then it must be spit out, and immediately repeat the procedure of sucking the oil a second time. After that rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. It is important to know that you can do this in the morning on an empty stomach, and in the course of the day. After about a month you will notice the first results of its rejuvenation at the same time you begin getting rid of chronic diseases if they are present. Alcohol and alcohol need to eliminate completely the practice of this method, otherwise no effect you get. This method is very good, but requires to be executed every day at least twice within six months, which is not always easy and not everyone will sustain it. If you have enough patience, you can successfully use the results will surprise you.

Inhalation of tincture of Valerian root

This method of rejuvenation has also come to us from Tibet, he included himself in one of the methods that we will talk another time, because for beginners it will be too hard. Inhalation of Valerian also gives a very powerful rejuvenation of the whole body after about six months of this, hair color returns to the original, this means that even if you were gray, you will notice that you have dark hair. As it happens, and that affects the rejuvenation is still not clarified, but this should not discourage you. With constant use of this method, normalization of blood pressure. If you've suffered because of the increased pressure that you have, it will become what it should be, sleep, normal digestion, and are many chronic ailments. But Valerian you need to breathe correctly, observing all the nuances. Take open the vial and put it to his right nostril, take a deep breath, then hold your breath as long as you remain comfortable. During apnea because of the carbon dioxide acidification of the blood, and it is better absorbed oxygen and the content of tincture of Valerian. Then do the same against the neck of the bottle to the left nostril. Do three to ten cycles of breaths, and then go to sleep, lying in bed do each foot movement forward and backward about fifty times with one foot and fifty times the other leg. Sleep usually comes before you can finish the movement of the second leg. Smoking and alcohol have to rule out completely, otherwise the result will be none. To inhale you need at night before bedtime every day for at least six months. Method is very effective your transformation will be noticed by others. But it is also very difficult not to miss a single day otherwise you'll have to start all over again.

Rejuvenation with spring

As we talked about the simple methods, although they are effective, but require constant practice. The following method affects more than the underlying processes and belongs to the mystery of the esoteric. One cycle of this practice allows you to look at the level of a twenty year old man both externally and internally.

Sit quietly and focus your attention on the tip of your tongue, try to keep his attention for at least 30 minutes, do it in the morning possibly in the evening. After focusing on the language, turn the attention to the navel area and focus there for about ten minutes, after which can go about their usual business. At least a few months you will feel a unique taste and vibration somewhere inside the language, keep focused and after a few months, your mouth will literally cover an indescribable flavor with nothing comparable, you'll just love it from happening. After a while you memorize it and can cause this taste at any time. Now you have to wait for spring: melting snow, and when dissolved, the first leaves, you will feel the taste of nature after winter, it is everywhere this time of year. Do not waste time in vain, to catch a taste before summer comes. Remember the taste and learn to call it time when you Wake up to eat. This method is elegant, it's wonderful, take your time and you will not regret it! Look just awake the envy of all. No one will understand what happened. But it is necessary to work hard, nothing so simple is not given: go to the rejuvenation of not less than two years. I advise you to forget at this time about all the bad habits.

secret secrets of rejuvenation

The secret practice of Reiki

Here we come to the place where begins the real conversation about youth and rejuvenation. A person always has a choice how he will live his life. Someone over the years sitting on the forums in search of the magic, and most importantly, free means of rejuvenation, and life passes by with every second, with every new day the youth goes away, she will not have to sit and wait when you find what free lying unnecessary. Remember: if some of the organs and tissues of the person are updated in the process of life with a frequency of approximately seven years, the brain and heart are not updated ever.

Tibet in an environment devoted in secret knowledge, there was always the knowledge of how to update the brain and heart in order to be young and have no illnesses. Recent studies demonstrate that, for example, the bone marrow, which is responsible for the rejuvenation of the blood, in the 20 years of red turns into white fat and ceases to perform those functions which are assigned to it. Tibet known methods, in which the bone marrow again to make the red, thus make the cells become young again, although the wide audience they are not advertised but they are there. That is, if you ask about them you a definite answer, never heard anything like it, although in reality is not a fiction. Secrets of rejuvenation exist, simply to discover them is not beneficial to anyone, for obvious reasons. But knowledge is like water - it will seep through even the smallest crack.

Try the following when you go to bed, close the curtains, shut all the Windows so it was all darkness. Lie down, relax, breathe calmly watching the night in the dark, eyes wide open. Maybe my eyes will get tired and feel the heat, continue to look and run as if this night his eyes let her come inside and be around you. You should dissolve entirely in the dark. Then sleep peacefully, and Wake up to carry part of that darkness, the one that struck you imagine it inside of you. Over time you will start to occur Transfiguration, you'll not by days but by hours look younger and younger, the body becomes relaxed, you will become very balanced and calm person, if someone look you in the eye, then they head go round and round - it would seem that in your eyes they saw a deep abyss that has no bottom.

Rejuvenation is the art of inner development of man. Through the use of this method is not only rejuvenation, but also improve blood circulation, lymph circulation. Developing and strengthening the internal organs, ligaments, bones, glands of internal secretion. Strengthens the immune, nervous, digestive, urinary, cardiovascular systems of the body. Improves overall health.

Because of this, there is restoration of bone marrow producing erythrocytes (red blood cells), engaged in the body's respiratory function. They carry oxygen from the lungs to cells and carbon dioxide from cells to the lungs. There is a recovery of leukocytes (white blood cells). This protective blood cells that protect the body from microorganisms, foreign proteins, foreign bodies that penetrate into the blood and tissues. White blood cells fight viruses and bacteria, and purify the blood from dying cells.

Now we will tell you a little secret about the breath, knows this, not many people. Our inhalation and exhalation are regulated by the autonomic nervous system through two groups of neurons. The first is responsible for spontaneous respiratory activity when we are asleep or unconscious, fainted. The second is responsible for the conscious part of breathing. So it is impossible independently to stop breathing, something you still breathe.

So, under certain breathing practices, there is a synchronization of these two groups of neurons. What is the result? The body begins to think that is perfectly safe, and starts the process of relaxation and recovery. Reduced levels of anxiety, depression disappears and starts updating the body on a cellular level that is a complete rejuvenation. But it must also be able to start some conversations will not be enough.
Attention! This method is described in an abridged version

Lying before going to sleep imagine that you are breathing not the lungs and fingers, and the air included in your fingers and he painted with all the colors of the rainbow. He goes in and out of you at every inhale and exhale. Feel or imagine how the air in the bones of the hands moving to his head penetrating his way into all tissues and organs. To do this, just need to work on your imagination, you will feel it actually and some people will even be able to see this whole process in reality. Breathe for about five minutes and then just relax and wait. To tell more precisely that on you from the sky should go as told to others by the Holy spirit, or cosmic energy as you yourself call it your own business. Wait and it will take you the entire arms and legs can begin to move involuntarily the very divine will to dance. Those lucky enough to experience this feeling after a few lessons, for the rest who did not work, write us an email to explain in more detail what it is. This exercise fills the entire body with vital energy. Having done it, you feel every bone, every muscle, every organ, every cell in your body filled with the pulsing and living energy. You will feel refreshed, as if you were given a new body, re-creating it from head to toe. Want to "revive"? Then proceed! In addition to rejuvenating you to have and for all get rid of sciatica, arthritis, and other diseases.