Forever Young BBL skin rejuvenation at the genetic level

What if the procedure will slow down the clock of aging and you will look young forever...

Forever Young BBL is a noninvasive procedure which allows to rejuvenate the skin at the gene level.

This phenomenon has been revealed by scientists and proven reliable in clinical studies, which lasted 10 years, and then confirmed by genetic studies at Stanford University.


In 2012, Dr. Patrick Bitter, California, United States at Society for Investigative Dermatology released a 10-year data of clinical trials. Studies have shown that regular Forever Young BBL treatments over a long period of time can slow and stop the aging process of the skin.

Patients after 10 years, looked older is only 6 months. Forever Young BBL is not just a method to get rid of the spider veins and age spots, says Dr. Bitter, but also a technique, which allows us to achieve rejuvenation on a cellular level - the cells acquire the properties of young skin cells. Peers looked 9 years younger than peers, according to a clinical study:

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Skin rejuvenation BBL 2013 by researchers at Stanford University conducted a genetic study of the impact of the BBL on the cells of aging skin. The results of the study showed that the Forever Young BBL procedure modifies the activity of genes and making cells aging skin is functionally similar to the cells at a young age. Moreover, the genes responsible for the damage and repair is not activated, indicating that the skin rejuvenation procedure Forever Young BBL is not associated with cell damage and their subsequent repair.

Thus, we have a fundamentally new procedure that can rejuvenate the cells without damage, unlike most anti-aging techniques. A study published in the respected specialized medical edition - skin Rejuvenation, BBL at the gene level. The original publication of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology

How is the procedure

For the procedure system is used Sciton BBL company. The doctor has a manipula on the skin, moving it and making it flash. The patient feels a pleasant warmth in the skin.

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Used equipment

We use a modern system of BBL company Sciton, Inc., received formal training on the system BBL. Our experts are trained this technique Forever Young BBL under the leadership of Patrick Bitter, Jr., MD in 2012, Las Vegas and in Barcelona in 2013

Preparation for the procedure

Before the procedure it is recommended not to sunbathe and not to visit the Solarium for a few months. The person must be without a tan. You can't take Pastinaca sativa preparations. More you will tell the doctor during the consultation.

After the procedure

After the procedure it is not recommended to sunbathe for 1 month, apply cream SPF 30+, more detailed recommendations will give the doctor during the consultation.