Laser rejuvenation

Laser facial rejuvenation is an effective cosmetic procedure, which is based on the effects of polarized laser beams on the upper skin cells. The laser smoothes and superficial layers of the skin, removes age spots, wrinkles, scars, tightens pores, improves the tone and texture of the skin.

 How it works

By far the most modern and effective procedures in laser skin rejuvenation is DOT therapy (DOT THERAPY). DOT technology has taken laser skin rejuvenation to a whole new level. The energy of CO2 laser is served in just the right areas on the face, neck, upper chest and effectively fights skin damage due to uncontrolled contact with the sun, wrinkles, fine lines and scars, scars from acne.

The energy of the CO2 laser used in a large number of beams, creates very thin and spaced columns of thermal damage that penetrate deep into the skin's dermal layer and stimulate new collagen formation. The tissue between the columns of thermal damage is not affected, which contributes to a more rapid healing process.

The advantage of the DOT is safe effect on the deeper layers of the dermis, the minimum period of rehabilitation after the procedure, which is performed without anesthesia and loss of blood. The exposure is contactless, so there is no risk of infection. Thermal effects during the procedure disinfects the skin. After treatment DOT therapy thousands of microscopic thermal zones stimulate the formation of new collagen to improve texture and skin tone. There's no pain or discomfort, redness lasts only a few days, and the results are astounding! DOT technology, in essence, removes from the face of the years

 indications and contraindications


  • laser rejuvenation and lifting of skin of face, neck and décolleté;
  • improvement of structure, color and skin tone;
  • smoothing of wrinkles;
  • the removal of mimic wrinkles around the eyes (crow's feet);
  • deep smoothing and elimination of small wrinkles in the mouth area;
  • rejuvenation of hands;
  • correction of scars, obtained in the result of mechanical, chemical, or other exposure; scarring from excess fibrous filaments; the scars formed as a result of mechanical impacts, burns or other factors; scars, which are composed of immature connective tissue;
  • correction of stretch marks, stretch marks, scars;
  • eliminating the effects of acne;
  • treatment of disorders of pigmentation;
  • skin tightening in the abdomen;
  • lift the inner thighs without surgery, shoulders and buttocks.


  • scarring of connective tissue in anamnesis;
  • infection herpes;
  • cancer and chronic disease.


The effect of laser skin resurfacing is noticeable after the first treatment: the small wrinkles disappear and deeper are smoothed, improving the overall appearance of the skin, the skin gets a healthy color, becomes smooth and elastic.

To enhance the effect of laser allows a combination of treatments with injection methods PRP or hyaluronic acid injections. Before starting any laser treatments important to consult a specialist who will select the optimum number of sessions and will recommend the most suitable in your case procedure to consolidate and prolong the effect of laser skin rejuvenation .

Innovative technologies of laser rejuvenation

Pay special attention to such a progressive area of medicine to eliminate skin problems like laser resurfacing. Wrinkles are the main sign of aging. But the intense rhythm of life that makes us almost constantly in stress, and severe environmental situation in Metropolitan areas are the reason that most modern people the wrinkles at a very early age.

It is not surprising that the services of laser resurfacing confidently occupy a leading place among the most popular medical cosmetic procedures.

In order to fully, efficiently and effectively carry out laser skin rejuvenation, the clinic should be equipped with the latest equipment. The visitors must be carbon dioxide, diode, and neodymium lasers of the last generation, which I successfully cope with all types of wrinkles (deep, superficial, static and face, around the eyes and mouth, etc.).

In General, laser rejuvenation procedure aims to reduce the depth of visual expression wrinkles, acting at the cellular level and triggering regeneration of skin tissues.

How does laser?

Despite the fact that the cost of laser resurfacing are low, today is the most effective method, causing the skin cells to restore the process of regeneration and return to full functioning. Each laser treatment should be aimed at achieving a specific result.

Laser peel, for example, is a thermal effect on the skin, which dies the part of cells that is poorly functioning, is almost a dead ballast and interferes with the normal development of young, healthy cells. The laser vaporizes this waste biological material, whereby the vacant space begin to develop rapidly new cells. As a result, the skin is visibly rejuvenated, and it is not temporary, but permanent effect.

Laser resurfacing using laser beams, which price is also quite inexpensive, is a new word in laser cosmetology. The technique is new, but already showing excellent results. The method is based on the recent discovery of the scientists: the impact of subtle beam (less than two hundred microns) react only sick and old cells, characterized by a lower content of cell SAP.

With the help of special equipment a laser beam is split into thin bundles, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the procedure and makes it absolutely safe. Laser resurfacing is performed in several stages, since the replacement exhaust protective frame skin should be gradual, not to disrupt the barrier function of the epidermis, there is no risk of infection.

After the procedure


Laser rejuvenation with laser beams is so safe and gentle that requires no special subsequent care. It is enough to apply the cream on the skin. After a short time period processed by laser beams of the cells darken, and after some time start to flake off. This is normal.

Under the old layer will open a new, young and healthy skin, where the next six months will continue the internal processes of renewal and regeneration. It is noteworthy that the effect of the procedure persists for several years. Considering how much is laser resurfacing, it is safe to talk about this procedure as the most profitable investment in the beauty and health.

Indications and contraindications

Age-related changes in the skin can serve as the reason of visit to the clinic. Laser resurfacing is the only radical and effective way of solving such problems as:

  • structural changes in the dermis and epidermis
  • atrophic scars on the face
  • hyperpigmentation of various etiologies
  • a marked loss of elasticity of skin, etc.

In General, regardless of reasons, the most important for patient safety and effectiveness of the procedure remains professional differentiated approach to the use of laser equipment. The power of the flashes and the exposure duration is determined by the physician based on the condition and skin type in each case.

Is laser rejuvenation and contraindications, it is:

  • cancer
  • vitiligo in history or someone from the family members
  • herpes
  • inflammatory processes on the skin as a consequence of exposure to direct or reflected sunlight, dermatosis in the treatment area
  • natural or artificial tan acquired during the month
  • infectious diseases in the acute stage
  • markedly reduced immunity
  • some chronic and systemic diseases (diabetes, clotting disorders, diseases of the connective tissue, etc.).

Desirable to carry out laser resurfacing and even in some cases, such as during pregnancy and lactation. Competently and accurately determine whether it is possible to carry out the procedure and when is the best time to do it, to help the doctor after a thorough examination.

Laser resurfacing neckline

Décolleté - a place that attracts the attention of men, so ladies devote a lot of time taking care of her. With age the skin is covered with wrinkles, not pretty spots, wilts. The easiest way to hide these shortcomings - wear maximally closed outfit, but this is the last day. To go to such extremes makes no sense, because experts have invented such procedure as laser rejuvenation.

What is a laser resurfacing of the neck and neckline

Skin is exposed to innovative devices that produce laser beam of a certain power. These devices are custom - cosmetologist examines the patient's problem in order to subsequently select suitable radiation. Hopeless cells that will not be able to recover under the action of heat are destroyed, resulting in increasingly happen recovery processes. In cosmetic laser resurfacing is a procedure during which the skin becomes healthier and rejuvenated.

Laser: skin rejuvenation. Advantages

Dot laser resurfacing has many advantages:

  • there is no risk of bleeding, entering in the tissue of the infection;
  • the skin retains its integrity, the procedure is non-invasive;
  • the patient is not experiencing pain;
  • is only for a certain area, the skin adjacent to it, is unaffected;
  • the technician adjusts the machine for each individual patient;
  • pronounced effect without scalpel.

That is why it enjoys such great popularity among women of all ages.

As a deep laser facial skin rejuvenation procedure to rejuvenate the décolleté area demands further proper care. If the skin appeared swelling and inflammation, they can be eliminated by applying a special anti-inflammatory creams and ointments. Next, on the treated areas will need to apply the cream, otherwise the skin may peel off.

Also advised to observe the following rules:

  • To avoid visiting the baths, saunas - additional high temperatures will be very bad for the skin.
  • Banned is also a Solarium and sun's rays because the laser causes changes in the skin that UV rays can have extremely negative effects. It is not always possible to avoid the sun - in this case to help the patient come special makeup.

If you listen to the therapist and follow all the rules, the skin will quickly return to normal and not cause any trouble.

Laser facial rejuvenation: where do the restrictions

Procedure must be performed in a specialized clinic.

They choose individually the following characteristics:

  • the area of influence;
  • the duration of exposure;
  • the power of the laser.

The effect of laser treatment begins to appear around the 5th day, and a month later it will be possible to return to the old way of life.