Mask for face rejuvenation at home


A well-groomed appearance women is the basis of her behavior in society. No fair sex will not beg a neat appearance, if she is in society, at work, in cultural institutions, etc., Taking precautions in the fight against old age, the woman stays in the form. However, base well-groomed appearance is the skin of the face and neck. At any age need to take care of these areas, otherwise, once saw in the mirror my reflection, will regret to say that to improve the form of already problematic. Daily work and rejuvenation of the face and neck with the mask for rejuvenation is not such a difficult job, but the result will surprise and delight any woman. Daily face care, natural masks, exercises and training that women do not age attractive.

Rules of using masks to rejuvenate

With proper preparation and regular use of masks from wrinkles, there is a steady and noticeable results. At the same time, used the products to prepare the mask at a price much cheaper than bought ready-made masks. To remedy that just made it that much more effective. And make a mask for rejuvenation for the face at home is a snap. For this you need to choose the most useful and effective and use means


It is recommended to do every day, a procedure such as:

• Rejuvenation;
• Hydration;
• Smoothing;
• Lifting mask;
• Peeling masks;
• Exfoliation;
• Scrubs;
• Whitening;
• Food.

How to apply face mask?


The effect of the masks are known. Kinds of masks are aimed at one goal – to significantly improve skin elasticity by additional power, exfoliation, moisturizing, smoothing, whitening, etc.

And the first step is to determine the condition of the skin:

1. Dry;
2. Bold;
3. Combined.

Also for selection of more effective masks should understand that has led to sagging or wilting, loss of healthy color or roughness of the skin.

Among the reasons may be:

1. Improper diet;
2. Alcohol abuse;
3. Smoking;
4. Drugs.

Young and young girls when you get rid of your bad habits and improving the diet, the skin condition improves without any intervention. You will need a small adjustment to improve the condition, return healthy, blooming, shining faces. Best homemade mask in this case, fresh cucumbers, strawberries, lemon, yogurt, sour cream, cheese. Each of these products separately or in a mixture, give a great result.

Indications for use of face masks

Particularly useful are all these masks for oily skin. These products eliminate Shine, give the face a matte finish, nourish and moisturize the skin. Cucumbers, strawberries and dairy products are shown for any facial skin at any age. But the most useful for those who have large pores on the face, abnormal metabolism and copious fat.

Contraindications to the use of face masks:

1. Young and immature skin, they do not need;
2. Complex dermatitis;
3. Inflammation;
4. Allergies;
5. Pregnant and lactating mothers.

Recipes masks for facial skin with your hands


The most insurmountable obstacle of skin aging is age. Age-related hormonal changes lead to skin aging, loss of subcutaneous layers, collagen and fast regeneration. However, nature gives the opportunity to fix things from the outside and actively help the cells to regenerate. To do this, use the best homemade mask.

Face mask after 30 years

Even young skin requires thirty women of the ordinary course and maintaining the skin toned. The most effective way in this age is the mask from sea buckthorn or sea buckthorn oil.

For prescription mask for rejuvenation, you need to take:

• cucumber;
• oil from sea buckthorn.

Preparation: cut cucumber medium size press, add half a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil and make a homogeneous mixture, preferably using a blender. 1-2 teaspoons of yogurt to enhance the effect of the mask. The prepared mixture is kept for about 15-25 minutes, then wash off. In this way the skin becomes smooth, perfect, taut, fresh.

Facial rejuvenation with lemon and honey

We need:

• honey;
• lemon.

Such well-known product, like honey, contains more than 100 minerals and vitamins, is regenerative and nutrient. Lemon contains great amounts of vitamin C, perfectly whitens the skin and breaks down excess fat selection. Recommend one of the simplest and most effective methods with the use of these products.


Preparation: Take equal parts of honey and lemon juice, mix everything until creamy state. You can add a little natural yogurt. Stir again. Add the grape pulp to enhance the effect of purification. This mask is perfectly affects the skin, removes dead skin cells. After applying the mixture, the skin becomes pure and substantially pomolodevshuyu.

Face mask after 40 years

After 40 years it is possible to rejuvenate the face masks using perepelinnyih eggs, ground coffee, cocoa, cinnamon. If you take the basis of ground coffee, it increases blood circulation in deep layers of the skin. Imparts freshness, tones and restores lipid metabolism, and detoxifies and regenerates it. Coffee contains polyphenols help to synthesize collagen and elastin, which in turn, has the effect of lifting and skin rejuvenation.

For this cook:

• 1 teaspoon coffee;
• 1 teaspoon cocoa;
• 1 teaspoon of honey:
• 2 perepelinnyih eggs;
• cinnamon on the tip of a knife.

Preparation: Stir and add 1 teaspoon of honey. Keep about 1 hour, then clean with water. This mask is stored for a long time, it can be cooked with the stock.

Face mask after 50 years

Recipes of face masks after 50 years tested and are prepared based on natural products such as yeast or gelatin. Yeast facial mask is very useful and has the effect of rejuvenation, working as a substance that makes the skin healthy. She returns the young, restores the elasticity of the skin. Vitamins B, D, E, H, C, PP well-toned epidermis, stimulate metabolism and blood circulation at the cellular level. Recommended for all skin types.

To prepare this mixture you will need:


50 g of yeast, dilute them with boiled water until thick sour cream. Add the flour and leave to ferment in a warm place. After the end of the fermentation process, the mask is ready to use, it is applied in a thin layer on the surface for 20-30 minutes, clean the face from her water. Within a month the skin will become radiant and beautiful.

Folk recipes for the face, from yeast:

1. To take all also, add the melted honey (1 teaspoon) and onion juice. All carefully stir. This mixture is perfectly rejuvenates the face, tightens and nourishes the skin.
2. Dissolve yeast in milk until the consistency of sour cream and apply on face superficial layer. For 20-30 minutes the mask will repair cells, stimulate their regeneration.
Dissolve yeast in warm water, add the cinnamon and the yolk of the egg. All mix thoroughly until thick. Apply to the face in a thin layer and leave for about 20-25 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Recipe of face mask with gelatin

Cover the gelatine with water in a container and heat it stirring to a temperature of 70 degrees. Cooling to 36 degrees and apply the mixture on face for 20 minutes. After drying you can wash off this mask.

Which is better: mask homemade or factory?

The use of masks to rejuvenate invaluable. They are able to slow down and stop the processes of decay and aging of the skin. If the purchase of masks and effective, they are very expensive. In contrast, masks, cooked at home have a far greater effect rejuvenation. The result is always high and unique.

Natural masks are always the freshest and the impact on the skin is extremely high. Natural products used to prepare the mask, have a tremendous amount of those substances that cannot be saved in the manufacture of masks in a commercial way. Therefore, their efficiency is very high.

Cooking them does not take much time, and the cost of products for masks low and, therefore, they are more popular among women. Very nice to use them for yourself, because the flavors of the ingredients, and the smell of the freshest products always bring aesthetic pleasure. Homemade mask to rejuvenate not inferior, and sometimes superior industrial efficiency is that it proves conclusively the numerous reviews of women of all ages. Using the recipes of masks at home, you can perfectly rejuvenate the face, make him fit, fresh and well maintained.


Make your own one of the masks on the proposed recipe is not difficult because all components are available and acceptable. Any woman will do it efficiently and in accordance with the requirements. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is necessary to prepare the mask with your hands on ready-made recipes to always look beautiful. Recipes can be independently adjusted by adding in the famous new ingredients that blend well with the main and complement the action of the compounds.