How to rejuvenate a facial skin urgent: effective methods


Rejuvenate the skin to urgently can various methods, techniques, as using folk remedies, and the latest salon treatments. The choice of technology and methods of rejuvenation depends on the urgency of its effect and the level of wrinkles (fine or deep facial senile).

Folk remedies for immediate rejuvenation

Folk remedies usually require time to with the help of simple manipulations with the skin to achieve a rejuvenating effect. But there are tools that show lifting effect after a few repetitions. To traditional methods of smoothing wrinkles and improving the skin include:

• Different kinds of masks;
• Many variations of massage techniques for smoothing;
• Contrast wash with the decoction;
• Independent use of essential oils and creams to rejuvenate.

But what is best suited for immediate smoothing of wrinkles? You need to find a universal way to nourish the skin, contribute to its regeneration.

How to simply rejuvenate the skin? This can be done with the help of folk remedies.


If to make a complex mask several times a week during this time will have a noticeable lifting effect. But for a quick rejuvenation need is universal and is a bit aggressive ingredients: raw potatoes, brewer's yeast, dairy products, honey.

Recipe mask:

• Brewer's yeast mixed with cottage cheese (3:1 ratio), apply after 1 day, repeat for 7 days.

In addition, you can apply baking soda mixed with liquid soap, and the next day you can use a mask from potatoes. The result will be noticeable after 7 days.


Using the basis of massage almond essential oil or anti-aging cream, you can effortlessly rejuvenate the dermis of the face. The urgency and effectiveness of the procedure – almost a proven fact. You need every day to make smoothing movements from the center to its sides, from top to neck lines.

Combining massage with the application of anti-aging cream and daily application of nourishing, cleansing masks, it is possible to achieve a great result in a short time.


Many girls do contrast bathing in the morning in order to rejuvenate the skin. But this method is not quick, rather it prevents. But decoctions of herbs (chamomile, lemon balm, rose petals) can improve the condition of the skin.

Besides the usual washing, broth you can freeze and use the ice as a cryo rejuvenation at home. In combination with other methods ice has significant lifting effect.

Other methods for immediate smoothing of wrinkles

If folk remedies exist for a week or two, salon treatments can significantly reduce wrinkles, age spots in just 1-2 treatments. This method is not for every girl, there are various contraindications, but as much as there is and the various procedures which are selected individually.

How to rejuvenate the skin using cosmetic procedures, and to achieve a good result urgent:

• Lifting using radio waves
умывание3From the first application already noticeable result, which makes such rejuvenation is very quick and easy. The effect is fairly long, which is also an advantage over the folk remedies of rejuvenation. • Biorevitalization
Rejuvenation with deep penetration of acid into the layers of the epidermis of the face will also help to rejuvenate the skin rather quickly. The result is also visible after 1 use, but you need to pass the courses. Treatment sessions doctors select, individually for each girl.

Of course, salon treatments are faster, their effect lasts a long time, but the cost of 3 000 rubles per 1 reception, and sometimes you need to spend more than 5 sessions of treatment in the session. Therefore, many choose the traditional remedies.

Help to rejuvenate the skin on the face and to achieve long-term and fixed-term result of anti-aging creams. The price of such creams is much less than salon treatments, and they are very well suited for immediate facial rejuvenation. And if you combine with masks and massages, you can easily achieve long-term results.