Fractional thermolysis (laser resurfacing)

Fractional laser thermolysis is a procedure during which the rays delivered by a special apparatus enter the deep layers of the skin, heat the tissues and destroy some cells. This effect starts a cascade of recovery processes and increases the rate of skin regeneration.

The pricing policy of the procedures differs depending on the selected treatment area and the desired end result.


Principle of the procedure

Specialists of prestigious cosmetology centers use high-quality devices that combine safety and efficiency. For fractional thermolysis, doctors use a new generation laser. Important characteristics:

  • Thanks to the SmartPulse program, controlled pulses are generated that provide an optimal level of heat exposure to the problem area;
  • the SmartStack function allows the device to determine the required depth of instant impulse vaporization;
  • the Hi-Scan system ensures an even distribution of energy throughout the processing area.

Thus, the areas exposed to evaporation alternate with intact tissues - the rehabilitation period is simplified and reduced to 3-7 days.

Old generation lasers gave good results (reduction of wrinkles and scars, post-acne correction and increased elasticity), many patients refused the procedure because of the high trauma and the impossibility of treating sensitive areas. Both problems were solved by DOT-rejuvenation (dermal optical thermolysis), which is considered one of the new methods and allows you to achieve a lot of positive effects:

  • lifting the skin of the whole body - even the periorbital zone (upper and lower eyelids);
  • increased elasticity, firmness and density of tissue without pronounced side effects;
  • lightening dark and removing light age spots;
  • elimination of skin imperfections.

In addition, the patient receives a comprehensive improvement of all skin structures for a long period of time, and not a simple visual rejuvenation, which will fade away in the coming weeks, as the effect of home care procedures.

It is important that the changes are noticeable already after the first spot treatment with impulses - the face is fresher, wrinkles become less deep.

Indications for thermolysis

As a rule, laser thermolysis of the face and other areas is recommended for patients who wish to get rid of:

  • finely wrinkled mesh or deep wrinkles;
  • benign skin neoplasms - nevi, papillomas and warts;
  • stretch marks, postpartum stretch marks;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • scars, scars;
  • enlarged pores.

Also, with the help of a CO2 laser platform, a specialist will be able to restore the lost skin turgor, increase elasticity and firmness. The Fraxel lifting effect will allow you to abandon surgical blepharoplasty in favor of fractional thermolysis - the overhanging eyelid will rise, and the look will become more expressive.

fractional laser rejuvenation procedure

Features of thermolysis

At the consultation, the specialist will definitely tell the patient how to properly prepare for fractional thermolysis of the skin. Key recommendations:

  • do not carry out various exfoliative procedures (for example, chemical peels) 3 weeks before laser treatment;
  • sometimes a preliminary course of biorevitalization is prescribed, which will accelerate the subsequent period of rehabilitation after thermolysis;
  • minimize exposure to the sun and avoid the tanning bed two weeks before the procedure.

The thermolysis platform will solve the problems of patients from 18 to 75 years old, and the skin treatment will be quite comfortable. In order to minimize any discomfort, the doctor will apply a local anesthetic cream to the laser affected area. As soon as the anesthesia works, the beautician begins the procedure - it will last about 20-30 minutes, and during the treatment the patient will feel a slight tingling sensation and heating at the place where the device nozzle is applied. Finally, the doctor applies a protective cream that will speed up recovery and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Complete safety is achieved through the combination of a 10600 nm laser and radio wave energy. The combination of the two techniques allows you to both enhance the effect of rejuvenation and shorten rehabilitation. The principle of operation of the device on the skin:

  1. The point effect forms MLZ - microthermal treatment zones in the form of evaporated funnels, invisible to the naked eye.
  2. The surface area of the skin is reduced.
  3. The adjacent, undamaged tissue areas are heated, which stimulates neocollagenogenesis.

Conveniently, the method does not form open wounds, and there is no risk of infection. And for the result to be easily predictable, experts advise to carry out such a skin treatment in autumn and spring, when there is practically no sun.

Recovery after the procedure

When planning to visit fractional laser thermolysis of the face, very often patients hesitate not because of the choice of the clinic or the availability of prices, but because of the fear of rehabilitation. "Will it be possible to continue your normal life after the procedure? What will the skin look like immediately after treatment? "- these questions are in the first place. However, beauticians immediately inform about possible side effects and how to care for the skin afterwards.


The duration of rehabilitation will depend on the intensity of the treatment of the skin. For example, if you just needed to refresh the skin and correct its tone, then recovery will take only 2-4 days. When a patient signs up for facial thermolysis to eliminate deep wrinkles or post-acne, the specialist needs to set other processing parameters, and rehabilitation will last from 4 to 7 days.

In any case, the recovery of the area after DOT rejuvenation is much faster than after classical laser resurfacing. The doctor individually selects the laser parameters for the needs of each patient in order to achieve the best effect and ensure the safety of the procedure.

Side effects

After laser thermolysis of the face or other areas, swelling of the skin may disturb - this is a normal reaction to the impact of pinpoint impulses, which will quickly pass (usually within 3 days). Redness and peeling take a little longer, within 10 days.

Another side effect that sometimes occurs after grinding is the so-called "gauze", when a faint impression is left on the patient's skin, reminiscent of this material. Firstly, not everyone is formed (only if hard parameters were used on smooth or thin skin). Secondly, it is temporary, so it will go away with redness and swelling.

Patients with thick / porous skin or those undergoing light rejuvenation should not be afraid of "gauze". Weak parameters, as a rule, never leave such a side effect.

Care and additional procedures

After the doctor has performed fractional thermolysis, he also uses plasma therapy, which is included in the cost of the procedure. The treated skin is covered with its own plasma, which allows:

  • accelerate healing;
  • protect the surface of the skin;
  • strengthen blood vessels.

Home care is prescribed by a beautician, depending on how intense the laser exposure was. As a general rule, during the rehabilitation period, you should regularly use sunscreen when going outside, even if it is cloudy.

Contraindications to thermolysis

You will have to refuse laser thermolysis of the eyelids, face and body if there are absolute contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • epilepsy;
  • infectious diseases and chronic pathologies during an exacerbation;
  • viral diseases during the exacerbation and 2 weeks after;
  • herpes in the acute stage and 2 weeks after.

It is not recommended to carry out fractional thermolysis for those patients who have been diagnosed with oncology.

Result: what will delight thermolysis

It is worth evaluating the effect of the procedure one month after the treatment of the skin. Thanks to the impulse effect on the skin, you can achieve the following result:

  • correction of scars - post-acne, atrophic and hypertrophic, stretch marks, traumatic;
  • narrowing of pores and improving skin smoothness;
  • smoothing the tone of the skin
  • improvement of the relief due to the disappearance of fine wrinkles and smoothing of deep folds.

Such a procedure should only be carried out by an experienced cosmetologist using a certified device in order to reduce all risks of side effects to zero.