Rejuvenation of the skin

Face for women like her business card, because it can tell a lot about a woman. The quality of the skin on the woman's face says about her habits, reveals some details of her character, talks about her possible age. With age, the face naturally ages, and a woman rushes in pursuit of the youth, looking for answers to the question of how to stop aging of the skin. Start to search for funds that offer facial rejuvenation. But not all are effective.

Types of facial aging

types of facial aging

At the beginning of the face skin aging in women, there is visually imperceptible, signs of facial aging occur as a result of slow changes in the body at the cellular level. According to experts, more effectively to develop individual methods of rejuvenation, knowing the types of facial aging for every woman.

If the owner of a skinny oval face shape notice the nasolabial folds, tear trough, most likely, her face aging through the tired type. The volume of her face is lost. In the morning, it glows with freshness, but in the second half of the day gets tired look. Noticeably, the corners of his eyes and mouth gradually go down. The face of this woman refers to a combination or normal type.

Provided that the same skinny women with dry skin, it may be too early to notice facial aging: the appearance of the first wrinkles in the forehead, crow's feet. With age a skin becomes drier and looks dehydrated. If she smokes a lot, and wrinkles located around the lips will appear very soon. By all indications, it says finely wrinkled type of aging of the face.

Woman, whose young face glowing healthy glow too chubby cheeks, prone to deformatio type of facial aging. They notice how with age, the cheeks start to go down a bit down. Oval face falls down, losing the crisp lines. Often, in the morning, the face swells. Wrinkles are few, they may not appear until old age. But, there are nasolabial folds. Because overweight women often suffer from diseases of blood vessels, on their faces, you notice redness and vascular pattern, particularly in the area under the eyes.

Each listed type of aging is rare in their pure form. Most often, the woman has all three types are successively joined to each other.

If women in the family were Asians or Europeans, it is possible that aging of her face is peculiar muscularis type. It is, by its characteristics the most favorable, as it has for a long time, there are no wrinkles. Only, over the years, there nasolabial folds. Such a person is aging very late, but sharply because of the loss of their muscle tone.

In old age all types of aging are combined, forming senile countenance, exhausted, completely covered in dehydrated wrinkled skin.

Common methods of facial rejuvenation

recommendations for skin rejuvenation

There are General recommendations for facial rejuvenation, they are suitable for all types of aging. Still have a good idea of the types of aging.

Deep hydration

With age, the skin loses moisture in the cells and holds it. The use of conventional moisturizers, leads only to superficial hydration of the skin, and for a little while. Therefore it is necessary to use means capable of holding moisture in the skin. It developed a number of cosmetics and salon procedures. What unites them is the use of hyaluronic acid. It eventually loses the skin of the face, and once she is able to retain moisture in the skin cells.

Restoration of elasticity

In addition to hydration, facial rejuvenation focused on extra food, because it loses collagen. Today you can buy:

  • collagen in the form of serum;
  • cream with collagen;
  • face mask with collagen;
  • cosmetic products, which will collagen hyaluronic acid.

Natural oils and supplements

Provided a comprehensive approach, a significant rejuvenating effect on the skin, causing a wide range of plant components:

  • grape seed oil;
  • wheat germ oil;
  • almond oil;
  • Moroccan argan oil;
  • Flaxseed and pumpkin oil;
  • olive oil.

It is possible to make an oil mixture of several of the above oils, add your favorite essential oil and a few drops of a solution of Q10. It can be used for facial massage or just as a cream. It is not greasy, is easily absorbed and allows the skin to breathe.

Recommendations rejuvenate the face types

methods of rejuvenation for various skin types

For tired type of person would suit a good rest, the use of serums with vitamin C and AHA acids. In the salon esthetics you can use the massage to give the skin tone, it can be massage or microcurrents skeleton. Generally suitable all the procedures whose aim is to improve muscle tone, stimulation of collagen and improving the color. Thus, you will be able to effectively slow down the process.

Women with finely wrinkled type of person you need to give up Smoking. Among the cosmetic products to prefer cleansing lotions, moisturizers, remedies, creams with peptides and Botox-like effect. In the salon you can choose a facial rejuvenation with a massage using nourishing cream, mask, facial treatments improve circulation, peels and also resurfacing of the face.

Women with a deformation type of person, first and foremost, you need to lose weight. But, it should be done gradually. Sudden weight loss can play a cruel joke by adding the sagging skin and additional wrinkles.

For home care you must choose funds that aim to fight rosacea, strengthen blood vessels, improve blood circulation. Perfect means, which include: vitamins C, K, and R; extracts of horse chestnut and Arnica, seaweed.

Method of rejuvenating energy

There are specific exercises that awaken the energy potential of the organism and contribute to its rejuvenation. There are similar exercises for the face.

What can be done in salons

salon treatments for rejuvenation

In the cabin will be effective rejuvenation of the face using lymphatic drainage massage, microcurrents therapy, treatments to combat rosacea. Women muscular type of ageing you need to ensure that the skin receives the necessary hydration. Periodically it is necessary to use means for improving the pigmentation of the skin, this gives the result.

Beauty salons offer a variety of programs of facial rejuvenation, most importantly, not to get lost in the selection. Usually, before you have something to offer, beauticians diagnose person. Diagnostic data shows that the skin rejuvenation. Only after that chosen individual program.

Very good help hardware procedure, injection of fibroblasts, plasmolifting, massages.


A person always requires care. Already with adolescence, it is necessary to start the prevention of aging of the skin. Adult females need to carefully monitor sleep, nutrition, and intake of vitamin in the skin. Salon treatments and cosmetic brands today are so advanced that they facial skin rejuvenation is possible.