Proper care of the skin

In adolescence, problems with the skin condition familiar to almost everyone. However, fortunately, it passes quickly, and our skin again becomes soft and silky. Exactly in this moment many women relax, and stop to give your skin the right attention. But that's the main question: do I have to risk the beauty and health of the skin, bringing it to a deplorable state? It is much easier to take and begin to care for themselves in a relatively young age? You don't even have to spend this amount of space, and every weekend forever to spend in beauty salons! It will be enough to understand simple basic requirements, which makes us our skin at certain periods, and just maintain it in healthy condition.

Skin care of face in summer

skin care face

Unfortunately, the major delights of summer: sun and high temperature air is first enemy of beauty and health. And, above all, their negative impact exposed to the skin. Dangerous UV rays dries and very tired skin, some people complain at this time on the appearance of pigment spots and freckles, and someone else, and "that is" oily Shine on forehead, acne and redness. Heat is the reason that cosmetics on our face "flows" and scored him for the time being – pleasant in such a situation very little.

Above all, remember the cleansing of the skin. In summer, you will have to slightly change the composition of their cosmetic bags: if you've used bad cleansing agents – you can now remove them in a drawer. During the summer, proper care of the person they did not fit. It is better to give preference to the more delicate cosmetics: light cleansers, delicate scrubs and loose texture, lotions prepared with no alcohol, and herbal.

If skin is oily and prone to acne or already available, it is recommended to use special lotions.

Another Golden rule of summer is to minimize touching the face with hands. So it turns out that in the summer, our fingers are often dusty and not very clean, but sweaty skin just waiting to make us a new bump on the skin. So if you care about your appearance and health is better not to touch the face in the summer heat.

Rule number two, in the summer is proper skin protection. The first thing you need to defend yourself is ultraviolet light. Therefore, all your creams, serums and fluids simply must have protection from the sun. In General, it is desirable that all the cosmetics in this period were not nourishing, and moisturizing. Easier the structure of such cosmetics allows us not to burden the skin and deprives you of the unpleasant feeling of heaviness and nasty Shine on the nose and forehead. Special attention in the summer should be paid to care for centuries. Think about it, how often we close our eyes, outside without sunglasses! But it is very harmful for our age. Therefore, you should take care to purchase protective cream for this zone.

The basic rule of summer is hydration. As we have already noted, the preference in the summer months it is better to give moisturizing cosmetics. But that's not all: to maintain normal skin hydration, will have to get a bottle of water, which must be constantly carried in a purse. If you can purchase thermal water is very good. But even the most ordinary mineral or purified water will become an indispensable assistant in the hydration of the skin in the summer. The most convenient way to hydrate is the water spray through the spray. If you do not have bottles with spray, do not worry – you can simply moisten a napkin and apply it to the face. Remember about drinking. In the summer heat from our body and then it turns out quite a lot of liquid, so it is important to restore the body's water balance is a beneficial impact on the condition of your skin.

You have to slightly change his "fighting color". Summer makeup should be more gentle and delicate than its spring or autumn counterpart. Forget about thick Foundation cream – in the summer it is better to hide in the far corner, and replaced this tool may come easier makeup base. If you can do without it – it will be perfect! Because the beauticians do not recommend the use of toning means during the summer heat. The same applies to powder. It would be better if you give preference to a lightweight tool that will use in the morning and during the day, treat the leather with special wipes. And finally, add that all decorative cosmetics in summer should include filters to protect against UV rays.

Skin care face winter

Winter face care is significantly different from the summer. However, both winter and summer months have one similar trait – in this time will have to pay skin attention. The weather outside is frosty it is, then windy, and sometimes it happens suddenly, unexpected thaw – all this affects the condition of the skin. Very often in winter the skin becomes too dry, then suddenly unhealthy red, then shiny and greasy. That is why you will have to pay great attention to skin care face. Weather is not the only enemy of our skin. Enemy number two is the heating. We all know that in the winter months indoor air can become overly dry, which immediately affects the skin is not the best way. So if you have a humidifier, be sure to use it. If there is no such apparatus, it is easy to come up with a replacement – for example, in the room to place small containers of water.

face masks

During the winter season, hygiene is better not to use excessively hot water. The best would be the use of room temperature water for washing. You can also prepare simple extracts for face wiping. For example, a good influence on the condition of the skin infusion of flax seed. Preparing it is simple: you need one teaspoon of semen scalded with boiling water and leave to infuse for quarter of an hour, then strain and apply warm. Also has a positive effect on the General condition of the skin in the winter wiping the face with ice cube. For making ice you can freeze ordinary purified water, decoction of medicinal herbs or tea.

About cosmetics, we can say the following: in winter it is preferable to use fatty vitaminized creams. Remember that before the frost, be sure to liberally apply on face nourishing cream. Do not before you leave the house, and, at least for half an hour before. Also, don't forget to wet your skin with a tissue to remove excess cream.

No need to gild the Lily when using peels and scrubs. In the winter your skin is too vulnerable, so no need to traumatize her rough beauty products. Scrub can be used once in seven or eight days. Not the last role in the care of the skin in the winter months, plays and food. Your diet should be wholesome and balanced. For the make-up we can say the following: cosmetics in winter is expected to carry as much a decorative how much a repair feature. Before applying Foundation you will need to first lubricate the face nourishing cream. The same applies to the lips. Apply a small amount of fat cream or a special balm.

Rules for the care of skin at home

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing products for facial care, it the type of your skin. In the salon will do it for you cosmetics experts, but at home it will have to do for you personally. What skin you have, will depend on the course of caring for her. By the way, any of these types can have its problematic features – the skin can be very sensitive, problematic, aging. Any type of skin will need protection, cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition.

In order to properly nourish the skin, you need to pick up a special cream and periodically to make nourishing masks. To hydrate is to drink more fluids and wash at least twice a day. However, remember that to wash I do not advise to use regular soap, for the reason that it can dry the skin. The best would be use for washing special gels or jelly and home-made decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs. To cleanse the facial skin it is recommended to do peels and use a scrub suitable for your type.

You can apply the purchase, and your home-made tools aimed at care of the skin. However, we must remember that the skin requires systematic and complex care. The best choice is to buy multiple skin care products, the production of the same brand. By doing so, you will be protected from unpleasant results when experimenting with cosmetics. Don't forget that most of the funds generated given the fact that the planned comprehensive use, which will complement the action of the different components.

To the main comprehensive care for all skin types includes cleansing, toning, protective, moisturizing and nourishing agents. For additional care are most often used scrubs and peels, masks and serums.

Cleansing is aimed at delicate removal of makeup residues, dirt, dust and toxins. It can be gel or foam, lotion or lotion. The tonic action of drugs aimed at refreshing the skin. Optimally, if the tonic you use, will not include alcohol. Tools for nutrition and hydration help maintain the best water balance of the skin.

About scrubs and peels, you can say that they help the skin to rid of dead cells and deep impurities. However, it is better to use them not too often. Concerning face masks may be noted that well-chosen, they help to saturate the skin with beneficial minerals, vitamins and other important health components. Serum have directed action and contribute to the fact that in a short time to deal with specific task – to reduce inflammation, smooth out wrinkles or improve the complexion.

Effective face masks

Face masks must be safe, efficient, and useful. It is important to choose the drugs that will be well suited for your skin type. It can be purchased in the salon or store the compositions, and cooked myself at home. About the last I want to say a few words in particular. The beauty of homemade masks is that to cook them quite realistic without unnecessary expenditure of effort, time and money.

For oily skin it may be advisable to make a mask of lemon and protein. It is very simple: two teaspoons of lemon juice, you need to whisk two egg whites and apply the mixture on the face. By the way, very good effect on oily skin quail eggs. Can be applied on the face of the raw protein to give it a little dry, then add another layer and do so several times. After the layers of protein will carry on your skin for about quarter of an hour, it can be washed.

For skin prone to dryness, make a mask of honey and cottage cheese. To do this, mix a tablespoon of cottage cheese and two tablespoons of slightly warmed honey. This mixture is applied to the face and, after exposure, is washed away.

Sensitive skin is quite possible to entertain the mask of curd, milk and cucumber. You will need a tablespoon of cottage cheese, the same amount of a slurry of crushed cucumber and warm milk - two tablespoons. All this is very thoroughly mixed and applied to the skin.

Normal skin not abandon useful masks. One of them is this: oatmeal (two tablespoons) to scald the same amount of hot milk to cool to room temperature and to lubricate the face.

face care at home

Troubled skin will be grateful for the mask from honey and onions. Two tablespoons of onion juice you need to connect with the same amount of slightly warmed honey, mix thoroughly, apply on the skin.

Aging skin will be useful mask, made with white cosmetic clay. For its preparation you need two tablespoons of powder to dilute with water and add sour cream and olive oil. This mask helps to restore the tone of slack skin.

You can also cook cucumber tonic is a tool perfectly refreshes and invigorates the skin. For its preparation you need to slice the unpeeled cucumber into small pieces and fill it with milk. Cook the mixture for about five minutes, then cool and strain. Another useful recipe is the sage lotion. Preparing it is quite simple: two tablespoons of dried sage leaves will need to scald boiled water and leave to steep the mixture for two hours. After this time expires, add one teaspoon of honey and strain, mix well and chill.

We cited here only some of the possible means for a balanced skin care that you can make at home. But there is a huge variety of masks, tonics and lotions for maintaining healthy skin, easily prepared at home. Every woman will certainly find the recipe that will be optimal for her!